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Howzat? The Best Cricket Equipment For Juniors

6 Jun , 2017  

Your developing young cricketers will soon be bowling, batting & fielding like Test match pros with these top selections from our cricket equipment range. 

Here at Net World Sports we’re not only committed to catering to top level sports stars, but also to kitting out the next generation. With a sensational summer of cricket to whet the appetite, junior participation is set to be sky high. We’ve poured through our fantastic cricket range to bring you this helpful guide of cricket equipment for juniors.

Sport is at its most magical when it captures the imagination of starry eyed youngsters. Where they lose themselves in those first ecstatic moments of victory which live long in the memory. England’s historic Ashes victory in 2005 may have since been avenged (and then some) by Australia, but the mere thought of Kevin Pietersen’s crucial final test century is enough to evoke memories of my 13 year old self aiming for imaginary boundaries with my plastic bat at the local park.

England Lift The Ashes | Cricket Equipment For Juniors

THE HISTORY MAKERS: England lift the Ashes in 2005!

The heroics of that summer bowled me over. And I wasn’t the only one. While my memories of 2005 are likely to be more vivid than that of Flintoff and co, they drove hundreds of youngsters to come to the crease. As the likes of Ben Stokes, Virat Kohli and Mitchel Starc lock horns over the coming months the awe-inspiring action is sure to create new heroes and moments for youngsters worldwide to replicate.

The satisfying sound of leather thudding against willow is enough to inspire the transition from viewer to participant among juniors. With county season in full swing, tantalising ODI fixtures and the excitement of the ICC Champions Trophy on the horizon, there is no time like the present to get the next batch of spin kings and boundary busting batsmen involved with the great game of cricket.

But where to start? When it comes to cricket equipment for juniors, all the choice can leave you stumped. Luckily Net World Sports are on hand to point you in the right direction.

No cricket club nearby? Fear not! With your mini-maestros itching to emulate their heroes, getting started doesn’t have to be a sticky wicket. Banish the barbecue to the shed and make way for some cracking cricket in your own back garden!

Cricket Fun For The Whole Family

Garden Cricket Set For Juniors | Cricket Bat Cricket Ball Cricket Stumps

ALL-ROUNDER: Bats, balls, bails and stumps – everything juniors need for action!

Nothing spells summer fun quite like garden cricket. To push the boundaries of garden cricket look no further than our super Garden Cricket Set. With a little Lords set up in the back garden, the stage will be set for your baby batsmen to take their first steps towards cricketing greatness.

The garden is the perfect venue for juniors to learn the fundamentals of the sport. As they iron out the creases of their Steve Smith and Joe Root impressions, the occasional wild swing is to be expected.

Rest assured that your pocket (and windows) won’t be hit for six. All components of the garden cricket set are manufactured from lightweight plastic, making them the perfect first cricket set for juniors. The set’s plastic design ensures that safety comes first. Even the greatest of all time aren’t immune to freak injuries – just ask Brian Lara.

Brian Lara Injury | Garden Cricket Set | Cricket Equipment For Juniors

STICKY WICKET: Avoid injury with the plastic garden cricket set

Cricket is an inclusive game, and here at Net World Sports we believe that sport is for everyone. With three different set sizes on offer, our garden cricket set reflects that.

Perfect for enthused juniors making their maiden trip to their back-garden crease, or for hours of family fun spent playing beach cricket and basking in the sun, this set is a versatile all-rounder, allowing everyone to take part and show off their skills.

With two durable cricket bats, two sets of cricket bails and stumps as well as two garden cricket balls included, the set comes with everything you need for juniors to re-enact the big clashes of the summer. As the long summer nights set in there’s no need to declare an early end to proceedings. And with our six pack of garden cricket balls you’ll never run out from the first over to the last!

Hit First-Class Drives With The Best Batting Equipment For Juniors

Knock Knock Cricket Batting Training Aid For Juniors | Cricket Training Equipment For Juniors

BOUNCE-BACK: Rebound mechanism does the fielding so you don’t have to!

Your budding batsmen will have you chasing after balls from cow corner to the gully. If your legs don’t quite have the spring to match their enthusiasm, the Knock Knock cricket batting training aid will come to your rescue. Fitted with a spring-back mechanism, you can take a well-earned tea break as your little boundary hunters master their technique.

Being weighed down by cumbersome equipment can turn juniors batting practice into a chore. This pioneering batting training aid is compact and portable, with a handy carry-bag included for simple storage.

Super striking technique, fine footwork, correct head placement – all the hallmarks of a brilliant batsman. Aspiring all-rounders can master these fundamental skills and more with the Knock Knock batting aid. Get the basics right and success will follow.

Former England internationals Owais Shah and Simon Jones know a thing or two about what it takes to play at the highest level. Boasting their seal of approval, this batting training aid will help make your juniors batting the jewel in their cricketing crown.

Perfect Practice Cricket Balls To Help Your Youngsters Bowl Like Broad

Incrediballs | Bowling Equipment For Juniors

(ALMOST) THE REAL THING: Realistic and safe, the Incrediball is sure to bowl you over every time!

Take the cries of “HOWZAT” from in front of the TV to the practice field. By adding top bowling technique to their arsenal, your junior bowlers will be a batsman’s worst nightmare in no time. With its classic red design and traditional stitched seam, your future fast bowlers can immerse themselves in realistic bowling practice.

Not every delivery will be a jaffa from day one. The innovative Incrediballs offer a true bounce while softening on impact, allowing your future bowling greats to

perfect their stump-seeking missiles without risk of injury. As up and coming bowlers prepare to make their first run up in club cricket, safety is incredibly important. The realistic Incrediballs will make them feel as though they’re bowling at the Oval, while reducing the risk of injury.

Whether they want to emulate the super swing of Jimmy Anderson or bowl at the break-neck speed of Mitchell Johnson, the authenticity of the stitched seam is ideal for learning  correct finger positions. Developing deadly delivery techniques with the Incrediballs will have them bashing bails and claiming wickets in a flash.

Don’t Get Caught Out With Our Fantastic Fielding Equipment

Rapidfire Rebounder Fielding Training For Journalism

RAZOR SHARP REFLEXES: Pull off dazzling catches with our rebound net!

All fielding masters have two things in common – razor-sharp reflexes and safe hands. The angle of our versatile rebounder’s can be adjusted to simulate the challenge of real fielding scenarios.

By adding this rebound net to their training regime, your junior fielders will be a match for the toughest of shots in the batsman’s repertoire!

Fielding practice doesn’t have to be a solo pursuit. The Rapidfire cricket rebounder can be purchased as a single or double sided net, providing top training for a pair of cracking catchers.

Strauss One Handed Dive | Cricket Equipment For Juniors

WHAT A CATCH! Master one-handed dives like this from Andrew Strauss

There’s nothing like a bit of friendly competition to ramp up the fun – raise the stakes by pitting two fielders against each other with the double rebounder net! Fielding is a tricky skill to nail down. With the Rapidfire rebounder you’ll be sure to transform your juniors into fierce fielders.

Is there a more breathtaking sight on a cricket field than a one armed catch from a fielder at full stretch? Catches win matches – having your fantastic fielders work on wow-worthy catches will make them an asset to any team.

Diving for loose balls in fielding practice can also provide a fantastic work-out -with the grass-stained shorts to show for it!

With a great garden cricket set, brilliant batting and bowling equipment for juniors as well as fantastic fielding training, you’ll have all the tools at your disposal to unleash the potential of your youth prospects.

Have your juniors been using our great equipment? What memories first sparked your love for cricket? We’d love to hear from you – get in touch via Twitter or on Facebook!

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