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3 Steps To Turn You Into An Ultimate Lacrosse Player

8 Jun , 2017  

Want to transform yourself into the best lacrosse player you can be? Follow these challenging practice drills and your stick skills will improve in no time!  

The exciting, fast-paced game of lacrosse is played worldwide and it’s not difficult to see why the game is rising in popularity. With hard-hitting shots, mesmerizing passes and tough tackles, lacrosse features a mix of what most fans love about their sports.

Whether you’re playing socially in the UK or professionally in North America, everyone wants to improve and be the best they absolutely can, so we’ve put together three top practice drills to set you on your way to becoming an ultimate lacrosse player.

Best Lacrosse Practice Drills To Improve Your Skills

As the saying goes, practice makes perfect and it’s no different when it comes to lacrosse.

Whatever level you play at, there will always be room for improvement and practicing wherever and whenever you can is a great way to build up your skill set.

Even in the off season, there’s no excuse for not getting some regular lacrosse action in.

‘Wall ball’ is a popular game which is used to perfect a range of skills. However, if you don’t have a wall or fancy a bit of an extra challenge, then a lacrosse rebounder net is the perfect option.

You can easily move a rebounder around to different locations and they are ideal for use by individuals, clubs and schools.

Lacrosse Rebounder Net Drills:

Here are a couple of our favourite practice routines using a rebound net for lacrosse which we think are guaranteed to up your game!

Quick stick is a drill which is popular among beginners, however that doesn’t mean that professionals should stop practicing the basics every now and then. The drill sees an individual quickly flick the ball against the rebounder without cradling it in-between throws.

The catch and cradle is a similar drill. Simply throw the ball against the rebounder, and on its return catch and cradle it. Repeat this on numerous occasions, gradually increasing the speed (and difficulty).

Sharpen Up Your Shooting & Goalscoring

Strong defense can win your team titles, but it’s vitally important that you also have a strong offence.

Whilst behind the back passes can gain you instant internet fame, if you haven’t got a player on your team who can finish with clinical accuracy then your slick skills will go to waste.

Our lacrosse goal target sheet has been designed with the keeper’s weak points in mind. Hitting the bottom or top corners will often make a save difficult, and so practicing your shooting accuracy will have an instant impact on your game. The target sheet has been designed to easily attach to any regulation size 6ft x 6ft goalpost, so it will be a brilliant addition to our own backyard lacrosse goal.

Another way to improve your shooting is to choose different targets. The FORZA Flash goals are ideal for popping up at any location and are great for you to aim at and improve accuracy.

Their portability also makes them great for taking on days out or simply transporting to and from practice sessions.

Fancy something even more advanced? Then why not try your hand at some of these lacrosse trick shots:

Rapid Reactions & Lacrosse Stick Skills

Reaction speeds are a key skill in lacrosse, whatever position you play. Quick reactions can win games, whether that’s through a probing pass or a superb save.

However, one position above all others that requires razor sharp reactions is the goal keeper.

There are a number of drills which can be used to improve your reactions in between the sticks. A popular one, which is also very simple, is catching a tennis ball hit from a racket with your lead hand. This should be repeated on numerous occasions, gradually increasing the speed at which the ball is hit, just like this!

However, if you can’t find someone to hit the ball or want to give yourself an extra challenge, then why not use a RapidFire rebounder? These small, portable lacrosse rebound nets will allow you to throw a tennis ball against them before stepping out to catch it with your lead arm.

Whilst this means that you can perform the drill by yourself, the rebounder will also offer you a realistic simulation of a shot for you to catch so is great for use by clubs and schools.

With lacrosse on the rise across the globe, we’re sure these three tips will aid you on your way to becoming an ultimate lacrosse player.

Whilst we can’t guarantee that they will turn you into the next Casey Powell, we’re sure following these steps will result in an improvement in your game.

Have you seen an interesting drill which you think we’ve missed? Or perhaps you’ve come up with your own! Share them with us via Twitter or Facebook.

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