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Cricket: How to Get More From Your Practice Sessions

19 Apr , 2016  

Looking for the right gear to improve your personal training or club sessions? We’ve put together the Net World Sports Cricket Guide, to help you find the right products for this season.

Family life, work commitments, the sore shoulder that you magically wake up with every Thursday… the list goes on. Some are guiltier than others, when it comes to missing nets down at the cricket club.

From a young age, one of my coaches often reinforced the importance of the ‘7 Ps’, however as we’re a family-friendly bunch at Net World Sports, 6 of them should suffice; ‘Proper Preparation and Practice Prevents Poor Performance’.

Throughout junior cricket, the enthusiasm to learn and improve is often strong, though as one gets older, the idea of ‘practicing’ becomes less appealing. The thing is, we should never stop trying to better ourselves, and whether you can get to your team’s sessions or only get chance to work on your game at home, the possibilities are endless.


Training in the Garden

Ah, the garden; the theatre of dreams, and the host to endless Test matches, where anything can happen. It’s also the easiest place to go and get some practice in. Here’s some ideas for some home-based cricketing fun.


Garden Cricket Set

Whether you’re aged six or thirty-six, everyone loves a casual game of cricket in the backyard; whether it’s the infamous ‘One Hand, One Bounce’, or the more organised ‘Kwik Cricket’, it’s a fantastic way to have fun with your mates, whilst adapting this great sport. Our Garden Cricket Set contains everything you need to have a game, wherever you are. Plus, with the choice of ‘Kids’, ‘Junior’ and ‘Senior’ sizes, anyone can get involved!


Garden Cricket Net

If you’ve had enough of chasing balls around the garden and want to get down to some more serious business, then nothing beats a little ‘net time’. Whether you’re looking to practice the cover drive or perfect your googly, our Garden Cricket Net allows for rewarding training from the comfort of your home, whilst protecting the windows and your parents’ flower bed. Everyone’s a winner!


Paceman Original

Now the net is set up and ready to go, for more consistent deliveries during batting drills, the best option is probably a bowling machine. After all, any young cricketer would love to have their own bowling machine at home. Now, with the Paceman Original, there is an affordable one on the market! The Original can provide consistent bowling simulation at speeds of up to around 90kph, which is more than fast enough to work on mastering techniques.


The All-Rounders

Whilst you may recognise an all-rounder as that guy who can contribute in both innings, there are a number of our products which will do a great job at home, but are just as useful during squad sessions. The ‘Freddie Flintoff’s of the equipment game, if you will.


RapidFire Rebound Net

One of the most popular cricket products on ‘Planet Net World’. The RapidFire Rebounder is a massively innovative training aid, which enables players to practice various types of catches. Everyone’s favourite part of a cricket match is fielding (honest) and this is a rewarding way of making catching practice extra-enjoyable. Also, the RapidFire folds away in seconds for storage purposes, and is additionally available as a double-sided version to allow for larger groups to split into two.


Ultimate Cricket Net

Another favourite, our Ultimate Cricket Net is quite literally the best garden net around, however it’s easy to set-up design makes it a hugely convenient temporary option for cricket clubs who don’t have permanent practice facilities. This complete package of posts, roofed drop-in net, cords and pegs is available in four length options, depending on what you’d prefer.


Paceman Strike

Like the Original model, the Paceman Strike has been designed with affordability and quality training in mind. The Strike boasts the ability to produce deliveries at a top speed in excess of 100kph, and its solid metal construction ensures it is tough enough to handle the usage demands of a home-user as well as a club coach. It also includes an automatic feeder, for independent training or for coaches to monitor their players from different angles.


Net Sessions at the Club

Whether you don your whites for your local village side, or play for a major county, working on your game is a vital part of enjoying success. We’ve got a huge range of equipment to help your side reach their full potential.


Slip Catch Cradle

In some cases, the phrase ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’ is quite fitting, and this is definitely one of them. One of the most traditional pieces of training equipment in cricket, the Slip Cradle has been a popular choice for catching practice for a long time, and its popularity doesn’t seem to be shrinking, due to the lifespan and technical benefits of this fantastically designed tool.


FORTRESS Mobile Cage

Always striving to be the best, the FORTRESS Mobile Cage is something we’re very proud of at Net World Sports. A brand new model for 2016, this cage has been specially designed to offer easy transportation, whilst also considering the importance of a strong, rigid frame and heavy-duty netting. They say the best place to find form is out in the middle, and by using the FORTRESS, net practice can be taken onto the square.


BOLA Professional Machine

At some point, most cricketers will have used, seen or at least heard about BOLA’s machines. It is the most commonly used brand of machine in professional coaching, as it offers exceptional feeding quality – with a huge range of variation settings – and can fire balls down at speeds of up to 95mph! If your club is looking to rise to the next level in their coaching game, then the BOLA Professional is highly recommended.


We’re sure you’ll find our Cricket Product Guide extremely useful. However, if you’ve not seen what you’re looking for, please take a look at our vast and ever-expanding cricket range here. We’re always interested to hear what our customers want – if you have any ideas for new products, let us know in the comments!

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