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Train Like A Pro In The Lead Up To T20 Blast Finals Day

25 Aug , 2017  

Looking to make the most out of your cricket training sessions? Here at Net World Sports we’ve picked out four of our cricket products that are guaranteed to raise your game to test match standards.

Net World Sports’ cricket range is ever expanding. We strive to provide cutting edge training equipment for clubs of all levels that will have you hitting the ball like Virat Kohli, bowling like James Anderson and taking those impossible catches like Kieron Pollard.

Kieron Pollard IPL Catch

BIG CATCH FROM THE BIG MAN: Despite standing at 6ft 5, Kieron Pollard is one of the best boundary fielders in world cricket.

Which is why in the lead up to the NatWest T20 Blast Finals Day, we’re thinking about how you can get the most out of your cricket training sessions. If you add these chosen products to your practice arsenal you’ll soon be emulating some of the stars on show at Edgbaston on finals day.

The Twenty20 period of the season, like our cricket range, has also expanded, in to a year-round cricket festival. It’s seen some of the biggest stars in the game flooding in to domestic T20 competitions in Australia, England, India and the West Indies to name a few.

But how do these cricket phenomenon’s fit in any training sessions whilst they jet around the world playing cricket?

Former New Zealand captain Brendon McCullum will have played in no fewer than six different domestic T20 tournaments by the end of 2017, so how does he make the most out of his limited time to practice?

Brendon McCullum Middlesex T20 Blast

T20 TRAVELLER: Brendon McCullum will have featured in the NatWest T20 Blast, Big Bash League, IPL and the CPL to name a few in 2017. Where does he find the time to train?

Luckily, we here at Net World Sports have put together a comprehensive list of the best cricket training products to help you improve your game all year round, no matter what your time constraints.

RapidFire Cricket Rebound Net

A true all-rounder, the RapidFire Cricket Rebound Net is ideal for batting, fielding and wicket-keeping. Easy to set up and move around, the RapidFire is an excellent tool for close, high and over the shoulder catching, as its adaptability helps to replicate match situations.

The RapidFire is also perfect to develop your range hitting, as the rebounder allows you to serve the ball up before hitting it over the ropes. The RapidFire is perfect whether you are training alone, or with your team mates, the multi-functional rebound net will guarantee fun for teams from under 9’s up to the first team.

There is also a double-sided version of our RapidFire that allows for even more catching practice.

Katchet Training Aid

It may be one of the oldest clichés in the game of cricket, but catches win matches is a saying that has significance in a short format like the T20 stage, which makes the Katchet Training Aid a perfect addition to your arsenal.

A versatile and challenging piece of training equipment that can imitate match situations for wicket-keepers and slip fielders, the Katchet’s design ensures the ball comes off at a different pace, bounce and angle every time, making sure that your catching ability is always challenged leaving you no respite on your quest for the perfect fielding performance.


Cricket Target Stump

A new addition to Net World Sports’ cricket training range, the cricket target stump is a must have for every cricket club around the world. Easy to use and supremely adaptable, the target stump can be used for fielding practice, to practice bowling at, and to use as a single stump during batting practice.

The target stump comes in a fluorescent yellow, meaning it will stand out on the field during training sessions as you attempt to hit it. Stop batsmen taking those quick singles that frustrate sides and keep the scoreboard ticking over with this target stump, guaranteed to improve your accuracy and run many batsmen out.

7′ x 7′ Cricket Throw-Down Protector Screen

Protection is paramount in cricket, especially as batsmen are hitting the ball harder and further, more often, then ever before. Because of this, the cricket throw-down protector screen is becoming an increasingly important piece of equipment to have for coaches, as they protect themselves during range hitting sessions.

Simply stand behind the lowered part of the protector screen, serve the batsman and move behind the taller part, leaving the attention of the batsman all on the ball sailing over the ropes. Net World Sports always thinks beyond the players, as coaches need equipment too, especially in a dangerous environment such as cricket training.

Check out our range of protector screens and netting to be sure you get exactly the type of protection you desire.

It’s the NatWest T20 Blast Finals Day on September 2nd and we’d like to know who you’re tipping!

We’re sure that these four products will be vital for the clubs in the run up to finals day, but we have plenty more on our cricket range that will be perfect for cricket clubs up and down the country.

We would love to see you using these products in your training drills, send in your clips to our Facebook and Twitter!

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