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Q&A: Debi Lofstrand, Personal Trainer

16 Jan , 2019  

With Personal Trainer, Debi Lofstrand, partnering with us on the launch of our #TrainForYourGame campaign, we just had to find out more about the inspirational lady behind the debijaneFIT brand…


The latest Net World Sports campaign launched just last week with the aim of challenging you to train for your game, no matter what the sport. We don’t want any excuses and definitely no mediocre attempts, so what better way to get you motivated than team up with some of the best Sports Performance Coaches and Personal Trainers around to provide you with workouts to take your game to the next level?


Debi Lofstrand, founder of debijaneFIT, is one of these great Personal Trainers and we caught up with her to find out exactly how she got into fitness…


NWS: Hi Debi, thanks so much for taking the time out to chat to us! I guess we should we start from the beginning really, so, how did you first get into personal training?

DL: I always loved working out as teenager in South Africa. I trained through all of my pregnancies and really enjoyed the endorphin rush it gave me, so when we moved to Texas nine years ago as a family, one of my friends offered me a job as a group fitness instructor. From that point on wards I decided to carry on my studies and become a Personal Trainer.



NWS: How often do you workout then and what is your favourite type of training?

DL: I try and workout around six days a week. My favourite training has to be HIIT, which works well with the #TrainForYourGame campaign! I like to do my HIIT training with a treadmill and weights to ensure I’m really getting an all-round workout.


NWS: Wow, six days a week! What does a typical day tend to look like for you then?

DL: A typical day for me starts by coaching a group fitness class. Then it’s home for breakfast and to get my son off to school, before I begin my personal training sessions with clients. I tend to get a workout in for myself late morning, followed by lunch and another client for personal training. By mid-afternoon I head home in time for my son to return from school and continue with admin work. I then coach another group fitness class in the early evening and sometimes finish with another client before returning home to prep for the next day.



NWS: The word superwoman springs to mind! How do you stay motivated to workout, especially when you have so much to do?

DL: I stay motivated to train by having a goal that gets me to every workout I have planned in order to achieve that goal. I mark these workouts in my planner and am flexible to fit them in super early if I know my day is going to get really crazy. I always stay focussed on my goal so when I’m tired and my motivation may be somewhat lacking, I remember the awesome feeling you get when you smash it!


NWS: You document a lot of your training on Instagram. How did the account first come about? 25,000 followers is no mean feat!

DL: I decided I wanted to reach more people, inspiring them to live their best life and create a lifestyle they could be proud of… what better way of doing this than through Instagram?! I continued to post and received some social media training which has led to the next steps of creating a website for online training and workouts.


NWS: What does the future look like for you fitness wise then?

DL: Fitness wise my future looks great, I’ve set new goals for 2019 that will definitely keep me motivated. So far I’m looking to complete an Ironman, my regular 100m bike challenge in the Texas summer heat called Hotter’N Hell Hundred and then a marathon in the fall.



NWS: It’s all go for you this year! What are your top tips you’d give to people looking to get the most out of training?

DL: Good music is a must! Also, always have a plan! Don’t just wander into the gym and then see where the action is. Get a workout from a trainer or hire one if you feel that will help you get started in the right direction. You could even join a few group fitness classes to get you started!


NWS: Last but not least, we ask everyone we work with this question… what is your favourite piece of training equipment from Net World Sports?

DL: It has to be the Battle Rope, I will be recommending it to everyone!


That’s what we like to hear Debi!


If you’d like to find out more about Debi, you can follow her on Instagram here. Don’t forget to check out the great HIIT workout guides she has created for us either. You can find beginner, intermediate and advanced training guides here.

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