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Why We Introduced: FORZA American Football Quarterback Target Net and Kicking Net

30 Jan , 2019  

All eyes will be fixed on TV screens come Sunday evening as the Los Angeles Rams take on the New England Patriots in Super Bowl LIII, so what better time to catch up with Adam and Tom from our Product team to discover why we introduced our own American Football range?!…


As leading sports equipment retailers within the industry, we want to be able to cater for fans of every game. From football and rugby to cricket, golf and everything in between, American Football is just one of the latest ranges to ‘hit the shelves’ of Net World Sports. As the NFL becomes increasingly popular across the globe with more than 103 million viewers expected to watch the Rams take on the Patriots at Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta for Super Bowl LIII, we thought it was about time we sat down with our product team to discover everything there is to know about our FORZA American Football Quarterback Target Net and FORZA American Football Kicking Net.


Hi Guys, so let’s start at the beginning, why did we decide to introduce the FORZA American Football Quarterback Target Net and FORZA American Football Kicking Net? 

Adam: Before last year, we didn’t really have an American Football product range as such. We have lots of NFL fans in the office, myself included, so it occurred to us that we really needed to start tapping into this market.

Tom: Exactly, NFL is becoming more and more popular outside of America and we knew we could give football fans products they’d want. We wanted to stay true to our ethos as a business, providing niche products to the mass market.



So, what was the thought process behind the FORZA American Football Quarterback Target Net and the FORZA American Football Kicking Net in particular?

Tom: As with all our current products, we wanted to make high quality nets that were easily accessible for American Football fans in all corners of the globe.

Adam: The Quarterbacks are always seen as the main guy on the team, and receives all the plaudits and positive headlines, when they’re throwing winning touchdown passes, but the kickers are just as important too and have just as hard a job. With this in mind, we knew we wanted to focus our attention on products to help fine tune throwing accuracy and prepare the perfect field goal.



And were these kind of products missing from the market there?

Tom: The UK market definitely! You virtually couldn’t get them this side of the Atlantic, all the suppliers are US based.

Adam: We wanted to deliver them to wider markets at a competitive price and I think we’ve definitely achieved that.


How long did the research and development of the products take? Were there any challenges faced along the way?…

Tom: The kicking net was fairly straight forward as far as the product development process goes. We just needed to ensure the net at the back of the frame had enough give in it so the balls weren’t rebounding off it.

Adam: The quarterback net was a little more complicated though. We ended up with three rounds of samples as we wanted to make slight changes to ensure it was durable and could absorb the ball. I’d say overall it took about four months from ideation through to completion to get both products at a stage we were happy with.



How’ve they gone down with our customers so far then?

Adam: Really well! The demand well and truly exceeded our initial expectations, but that can only be a good thing.

Tom: From the positive reaction we’ve received, we know there’s room for a lot more growth and are currently looking to expand the range with even more American Football products so watch this space!


If Super Bowl LIII has left you feeling inspired, you can find our FORZA American Football Kicking Net and FORZA American Football Quarterback Target Nets by clicking on your country below.

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