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How To: Chip A Golf Ball

21 Jan , 2019  

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The chip shot you play will often be dependent on a number of factors. How much green you have to work with, how your ball is lying, what hazards lie between you and the pin, as well as any slopes on the green are all things you’ll want to consider before choosing the type of shot you want to play. Thinking about ratios and where you want to land your golf ball will help you pick the right club for chipping, whether it’s an 8 iron, a pitching wedge or a lob wedge. However, all of this becomes irrelevant if you’ve not got the right technique and are unable to make good contact with the golf ball.

By improving your contact with chipping, your distance control will also improve, along with your accuracy. It all goes hand in hand, so we’re giving you the low down on how to chip shots like a pro for every eventuality!


First things first, you’ll need to select a lofted club. You need to keep your body stance neutral for high chip shots, with the ball in the middle of your stance and the handle sitting on the sole of the club, not forward or behind the ball. Coming through the shot, you want your left elbow to come back and your right hand to feel like you’re completing an underarm throw. This will allow the club to work under the ball and it will travel higher through the air. High chip shots are ideal when you need to get your ball to stop quickly.


Low chip shots will typically run on a lot more than high chip shots after landing. To play this shot you’ll need a less lofted club. Again, you need to keep your body stance neutral when it comes to the low shot, but handle the club slightly forward to the ball. In shot, you need to do the opposite of the high chip shot – make sure your left arm is kept long and the back of your left wrist flat. This will help you keep your clubhead low to the ground and the ball travel nicely.


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