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How To: Master Solo Goalkeeper Training

15 Jan , 2019  

Struggling to think of ways to train by yourself when you’re the ‘man between the sticks’? With 5% off all our FORZA Goalkeeper Gloves, we’re showing you how to master solo goalkeeper training…


It’s been said before and we’ll say it again… the focus, when it comes to football, largely lies on the star strikers and the same can be said when it comes to training too. You’ll find lots of different guides out there on how to train by yourself when it comes to shooting, but what about goalkeeper training? With practice making perfect, we’re showing you how you can go it alone and master solo goalkeeper training with the help of our FORZA Goalkeeper Gloves.



Lukasz Fabianski tops the charts when it comes to the amount of saves he’s made this season so far, with an impressive 83 shots being stopped by the West Ham Goalkeeper in just 22 appearances. Quick reactions and soft hands are a must when it comes to handling the ball. So, with the help of one of our brand-new RapidFire Mega Football Rebounders practice throwing the ball, angling it out low, high and wide, and try saving it . Don’t forget to grab your pair of FORZA Goalkeeper Gloves too, to ensure the ball doesn’t escape your grasp!




It’s not just outfield players who have to have good control and passing capabilities… goalkeepers rely on these skills heavily to disperse the ball to their full backs quickly and efficiently. Whilst goalkeepers need to focus on their fancy footwork as well as throwing the ball out, we’re focusing on the latter for this drill. With a pair FORZA Flash Pop-Up Football Goals, place them 20 yards away from the goal line angling them out slightly with one to the left hand side of the pitch and the other to the right hand side. From the goal line, practice rolling and throwing the ball out with the aim of getting it into one of the FORZA Flash Pop-Up Football Goals.




If you look up to the Edersons and Alissons of the goalkeeping world, this drill is the one for you – all you need is our trusty FORZA Flash Pop-Up Football Goals, FORZA Football Training Passing Arcs and, of course, our FORZA Goalkeeper Gloves! As with the distribution drill above, place your FORZA Flash Pop-Up Football Goals 20 yards away from the goal line to the left and right. Grab two passing arcs from your pack and place each one, half way between the goal line and the FORZA Flash Pop-Up Football Goals. With this you can emulate the sweeper keeper styles of Ederson and Alisson, aiming to get the ball through the passing arcs and into the FORZA Flash Pop-Up Football Goals.



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