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FORZA’s Brand Partnership with Shaun Rowley

28 Aug , 2018  

When Halifax Town’s, Shaun Rowley, got in touch with us showing his passion for the brand, we just knew we had to work with him…


Having fallen in love with being the man ‘between the sticks’ as a young boy, Shaun has been the last line of defence for many a team over the years, and what’s amazing is that he’s just 21! Spending three years as pro at Shrewsbury Town he was released this summer and joined F.C Halifax Town, which was when he got in touch with our friendly team here at FORZA to see if we wanted to work together. The rest, they say, is history…



Shaun originally got in touch with us to ask for support when he was looking for new goalkeeping gloves ahead of the 2018/19 season. Having shown a real passion for the FORZA brand and the gloves we have available, we knew he’d be a great fit with our team and said yes!


He’s currently wearing our FORZA Mondo gloves for National League games against the likes of Salford City and Leyton Orient, and is seriously impressed with the grip and comfort of them! “These gloves are the best gloves I’ve come across for a long time,” he told us. “The Longevity of them is great and that’s important because using them at training every day can wear them out quickly, but these gloves hold up really well. I feel confident wearing them in all conditions, come rain or shine!”


We recently caught up with Shaun to find out the ins and outs of Halifax Town’s new netkeeper…


FORZA: Hi Shaun, so first off, the basics… how did you get into football and more specifically goalkeeping?

SR: I first got into football as all young boys do, with my local team Wrekin Juniors. I remember going to school where we trained Saturday mornings and I hated it, but then one day I went in goal and I had an instant love for that position and the game from that point onwards. I had one season at Wrekin with the U8’s before going on trial at Shrewsbury, which was a huge success and I was lucky enough to go through my childhood playing for them and receive a scholarship.



FORZA: Where did you start out and what’s your transfer history like?

SR: During my scholarship I was sent on loan to Watford and it was an incredible experience, seeing what it was like at a club higher up the league table… the facilities, the quality of players, everything! I never thought as a young lad I’d have the opportunity to be training every day with the likes of Almunia and Gomes, especially being an Arsenal fan and watching Almunia on TV. It was quite surreal at times, but a great experience that I gained so much from. I also had loan spells at local EVOSTIK team, Market Drayton, where I quickly learnt to grow up as it’s not all nice, pretty passing when it comes to the men’s game, and Halesowen Town when I had just signed my first professional contract with Shrewsbury.

Other loans have included Slough Town, Tamworth and Chorley, where I was voted player of the month – this was probably my best loan success wise. I had three years as a pro at Shrewsbury before being released this summer and joining Halifax.



FORZA: And did you always want to be a footballer or did you have any other career ambitions?

SR: I always wanted to be a footballer yes. I was totally focused as a young kid, working hard at it to see what would happen and I’ve been lucky enough to do it full time! As far as jobs go, I’m very fortunate. That being said, I would love to have my own bar or restaurant in the future – it’s always been a huge passion of mine (along with football of course!).


FORZA: What would you say your favourite footballing moment has been?

SR: My favourite football moment would have to be signing my first pro contract. So much hard work went into that moment and it was a very proud day for me and my family.


FORZA: You touched upon the future there, what does it look like for you football wise? What do you hope to achieve and how do you see us as a brand growing with you?

SR: The future looks very promising as I’m still very young in terms of a goalkeeper. I’m physically in good shape and looking after myself, training hard in order to hopefully be playing week-in week-out at a good level in a couple of years’ time.

I see FORZA growing massively in the goalkeeping department! With everything going on on social media, we can grow and get more goalkeepers from all levels involved in this great brand with amazing products!



FORZA: Now on to the (more) fun questions! Who are your favourite players?

SR: My favourite players growing up were Thierry Henry and Dennis Bergkamp. Goalkeeper wise growing up I loved Van Der Sar and Joe Hart who also came from Shrewsbury – he was a big role model for me, especially seeing what he went onto achieve.


FORZA: Would you say Joe Hart was your idol growing up then?

SR: Yes, definitely! Just seeing how he came through the Shrewsbury system and then what he went on to achieve with Manchester City and England.


FORZA: This is an important one… Ronaldo or Messi? Or in goalkeeping circles, De Gea or Petr Čech?

SR: Messi. Ronaldo is an incredible athlete, but for me Messi is just on another level – his football brain and technique is unbelievable. In the Goalkeeping world the best, currently, has to be De Gea – some of the saves he makes are unreal!


FORZA: And finally, if you were a piece of FORZA football equipment, what would you be and why?

SR: If I was a piece if FORZA equipment it would have to be the Mondo gloves because on the pitch I like to be quite loud and vocal and the Mondo gloves are bright and loud.


If you’re interested in becoming a FORZA Ambassador like Shaun, get in touch with us today by emailing matthew@networldsports.com.

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