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Summer of Skill – How To: Pass like Pirlo

18 Jul , 2018  

During the summer , we’ve set ourselves the challenge to get as many kids into sport as possible. I mean… what better way to enjoy the sunshine and warm weather than to play football, tennis or basketball outside with your mates?




We want to help inspire the next generation of footballers, golfers, basketball players and tennis stars, so each week we will be tasking you with learning a new skill in a different sport. Keepy-Uppies? Acing a serve? Nailing a slam dunk?! Who knows, you may find your new favourite activity!

We’ve had an incredible few weeks so far with Wimbledon, international cricket and of course The FIFA World Cup!

In this edition, we focus our attention to the sport adored by millions across the globe… Football.

With cases of World Cup fever just about simmering down, why not take inspiration from Ronaldo, Messi & Neymar and learn to master the game yourself?

We’ve called upon our friend and all-round top trainer, Tom Joyce to help us out and put together a handy little video for you to start mastering the basics.

Passing is a fundamental part to football. When done correctly it will make the game easier and help create lots of goal scoring opportunities! You only have to look at Barcelona. They are the passing masters and without the training and hard work, the likes of Messi, Iniesta and Coutinho wouldn’t be the players they are today.

To start all you need for this drill is:



The perfect passing drill

Step 1:

Set up your equipment as shown in image above:

  • Cones roughly 10-12ft apart
  • Place FORZA Flash in line with cones to form a long rectangle
  • Line up the front of the FLASH with hurdles and training ball to create a straight line to pass through

Step 2:

  • Begin by positioning yourself in the middle of the two cones.

Step 3:

  • Make a sharp sudden shuffle to the right cone and touch it.

Step 4:

  • Run around opposite cone and pass the left ball into right hand side goal

Step 5:

  • Repeat exercise with opposite side



We caught up with Tom to talk us through his video and why passing is so important for your overall game…


NWS: So, Tom, what skill can people learn from this video?
TOM: Passing accuracy is the main skill in this drill with a small bit of agility added in before each pass.

NWS: Why did you choose to film this skill in particular?
TOM: I like this skill specifically because it involves you to have good passing accuracy and it’s simple without being too challenging.

NWS: Approximately how long would it take for something to perform this drill?
TOM: Only about 10-15 seconds overall!

NWS: Why is this skill important to learn from a footballing perspective?
TOM: Accurate passing is vital for any footballer as it’s a foundation of the game.

NWS: Can this skill be adapted for game play situations? If so, how?
TOM: Yes! This skill is perfect for those games where you’re tight on space and need to lose your marker. If you’re battling hard and receive the ball, you can hold it up, make that key pass to your team mate, shrug off the defender with speed and complete the one/two. Potentially going on to create a scoring chance!

NWS: Can this skill be adapted for two or more players? If so, how?
TOM: Yeah, no problem. Just set up 4 gates and 4 hurdles and you could incorporate a game with a bit of competition involved. The player with the most goals scored wins!

NWS: What Net World Sports Equipment did you use for this skill?
TOM: I used 2x FORZA Flash Goals and 2x 12” Hurdles.


Show us your skills and use the hashtag #SummerOfSkill for a chance to win exciting prizes and be featured on our pages!

Keep your eyes peeled for more handy tips and tricks to learn throughout the summer holidays


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