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Net World Sports Table Tennis Championships

6 Jul , 2022  

At Net World Sports, we love a bit of friendly competition so we decided to hold our very own inhouse table tennis tournament. With 32 eager participants from across all departments in the warehouse and office, using our very own Vermont table tennis equipment, the games began on Thursday June 9th.

After 5 rounds of fierce competition, it came down to the grand final held on Thursday 23rd June between Warehouse Manager Matthew Collister, and Picking Operative Joe Dodd.

In an enthralling matchup that was played as a best of 3 games, Matthew finally walked away the winner and overall champion, winning 2 closely fought games 21-16 and 21-19.

Matthew will have his chance to defend his title next year, in the new Net World Sports office.

To keep up to date with future competitions, social events and recruitment opportunities, please follow our Life at Net World Sports Instagram page.


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