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Tennis: Raise your Game, Set & Match

19 May , 2016  

Whether you’re just taking to the court for the first time or you’re a seasoned player looking to raise your game, Net World Sports is on hand to give you the advantage to break your opponents. Are you ready to rule the court?

With the likes of the French Open and the Wimbledon Championships right around the corner, this Tennis season promises to be one of the most exciting yet. So what better time to take to the court?

If you’re a Tennis novice, then choosing your first pieces of equipment is crucial. With the right tools (and a lot of dedication), you’ll be acing the competition without breaking a sweat. If you’re a coach/teacher who is training their own future superstars, then our Mini Tennis and Skillsbuilder sets will have your protégées rallying in no time.

Intermediate and Advanced Tennis players are always on the lookout for ways to improve their game. A winning mentality can go a long way, but combine that with the right training gear and practice will really make perfect.

Lone Wolf? Train independently with our Tennis Ball Machines. Team Player? There are products for the whole team! Centre Owner? Then create a Tennis utopia capable of rivalling Grand Slam venues.

So, without further ado…first service!

P.S. ✪ = Star Product!

Home Comforts

Chances are that children will kick their first football, pitch their first cricket ball, or pick up their first tennis racket at home. If they chose the latter, then you’re in luck! We’ve got fun-filled products that will save you time, money, and well, potentially your garden.


60 x Slazenger Intro Tennis Balls [Stage 1/Green]

Slazenger’s Stage 1 Tennis Balls. Exactly what it says on the tin, or in this case, bucket. Stage 1 balls are slower, softer and easier to hit than your average tennis ball, so kids can get to grips with this ball at their own pace. With 60 of these High-Vis beauties you won’t have to worry about losing a few, and when they do go missing, they should be pretty easy to spot! Suitable for all surfaces, they’re ideal for gardens, backyards and all court exteriors. Recommended Age 10+



✪ProCourt Mini Tennis Combi Net✪ 

One of Net World Sports most popular items for Parents, Coaches, and Tennis Centres alike. The ProCourt Mini Combi Net comes in a range of sizes for singles or doubles match purposes, and can be alternatively converted into a Badminton Net if you want to mix it up a little (or play a strange game of Tennis, we’re not judging here). Incredibly lightweight and portable, the set not only features a net, but posts and a carry bag too. The ProCourt is the ideal net for indoor and outdoor use, at home or on the go! Want to see it in action? Check out our assembly video here.

Forza Tennis Court Lines

Make your very own court at home with these non-permanent line markers. Made from flexible orange rubber, this handy item is ideal for use indoors or outdoors. And don’t worry about your kids slipping on them; they’re pimpled on one side for significant slip reduction on court playing surfaces. See? We got you covered.

Junior Tennis Racket & Ball Set

 If you’re looking to buy all the Tennis equipment the kids need without trawling through the internet for hours on end, then look no further. Our Junior Tennis Racket & Ball Sets are complete with 12 (4 x 19in/21in/23in) premium tennis rackets, 72 tennis balls, 12 tactical tennis balls, and a handy racket & ball carry bag. It’s a perfect starter pack for coaches or parents who’re training young children/juniors, and for recreational use at home.

Cool for Schools

Looking for high-quality and affordable Tennis Gear for your School or Tennis Centre? If you’re training the next batch of Grand Slam Superstars, we can help with that. I mean, someone’s got to beat Novak Djokovic eventually, right? Anyway, some of the products below are tailor-made for coaching junior players. It’ll only be a matter until your little champion is thanking you in his Wimbledon Trophy acceptance speech.

Skillsbuilder Tennis Set

 Yet another self-explanatory product courtesy of Net World Sports (We are a creative bunch, honest). The Skillsbuilder set is a no-nonsense set dedicated to nurturing the next generation of young tennis stars, and making a coaches life easier. Boasting 12 rackets, 28 tennis balls, an SAQ (Speed, Agility, Quickness) tennis book, 30 set flexible markers, and a carry bag for storage, this is a great value-for-money option that the whole class would love.

60 x Slazenger Mini Tennis Balls [Stage 2/Orange]

Slazenger’s back for Round 2, or in this case, Stage 2. The orange mini tennis balls are designed much like their Stage 1 counterparts, but are less compressed, resulting in a ball that is even more slower, softer, and easier to master. They’re exceptional tools for a young player on their path to court domination. It still retains a high-vis fabric and will perform on all playing surfaces. It won’t be long until the student becomes the master. Recommended Age 8-10 years.



Stop That Ball™ Ball Stop Net & Post System

 I don’t know about you, but I’ve lost count of the number of tennis balls, cricket balls, golf balls, and footballs I’ve lost or seen people lose over the years. Maybe I’m just sensationally bad at sports, but I tell myself at night that it’s because there were not any Stop That Ball™ nets in place! Whether balls are flying through neighbour’s greenhouses, breaking school windows, or simply getting lost in school property. Put a stop to that with our range of net and post systems. Completely freestanding and can be used on any surface. See it in action here.


✪ProCourt Mini Tennis Set [Schools Edition]✪

And now for the pièce de résistance, the real MVP, the Holy Grail of School Tennis equipment at Net World Sports. Behold the ProCourt Mini Tennis Set [Schools Edition]! The ultimate companion for Schools who are teaching Tennis newbies. For one incredible price you will receive 4 x 20″ ProCourt Mini Tennis Nets, 16 x Junior Rackets, 4 x Tennis Court Lines (featured above), and 1 x Bucket of 60 Mini Tennis Balls. There’s literally everything you need to ensure your students pass with flying colours!

Be The (Tennis) Centre Of Attention

If your Tennis Centre is in dire need of repair, needs sprucing up, or simply requires more of a professional touch, then Net World Sports should be your go-to destination. We have a bunch of products capable of transforming tennis courts into a venue worthy of hosting official LTA tournaments, or just to keep out the nosey neighbours. Here are some products that would be of great service:


Tennis Court Windbreaks & Privacy Screens

Our premium quality Windbreaks and Privacy Screen nets are great for creating a secluded, discreet and sheltered playing area for players and coaches alike. Both Windbreaks and Screens are available in 2 colours – Green or Black.


Our windbreaks offer 50% shade, resulting in protection from the sun & wind, whilst a privacy screen provides 95% shade for significant reduction in wind and glaring sunlight (Mother Nature can be awkward when it comes to Tennis).

They’re both available with or without our Net World Sports logo, or request a Custom Size & Print Windbreak/Screen so you can sport your logo proudly around your centre. The choice is really up to you.



Tennis Ball Machines

We stock a great variety of Tennis Ball Machines for every player’s requirements and skill level, and your club/centre should too.

They’re a great way to stay fit and agile, to improve your game, and most are super portable. The Tennis Tutor range caters to every age, player level and condition.


For kids and beginners, we have the Tennis Twist, Tennis Cube (pictured, right) and Tennis Tutor ProLite. Intermediates should check out the Tennis Tutor and the Tennis Tutor Plus, whilst advanced players would relish the challenge of the Tennis Tutor Plus Player.

Our most popular machines for Tennis Centres & Clubs has been the Spinfire Pro 1 (pictured, left), Spinfire Pro 2 and the incredible Playmate Grand Slam PC. A must-have companion for hardcore Tennis enthusiasts and professional Tennis Centres.




3.5mm Championship Net [10kg] - from £126.99

3.5mm Championship
Net [10kg] – from £126.99

✪3.5mm DT Championship Tennis Net [10kg]✪

Simply one of the finest tennis nets money can buy. Guaranteed to outperform all the other wannabe nets on the market. This Double Top Tennis Net is used in prestigious venues like Roland Garros (French Open) and Melbourne Park (Australian Open). By far our most popular net, it is the ideal choice for customers all over the world wanting a high quality, durable net suitable for home courts right through to prestigious championships. What better way to give your courts the ultimate professional touch?

I hope this Tennis Product Guide has been of service (last Tennis pun, honest) to you! If you haven’t seen a particular item you require or would like to browse for yourself, then head over to our website and check out all of our superb Tennis products at your leisure. If there’s a product that we don’t stock, please don’t hesitate to tell us! We’re always open to suggestions. There’s nothing we’d like to see more than another repeat of this…

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