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Q&A: Tom Joyce, Sports Performance Coach

23 Jan , 2019  

As one of our amazing Brand Ambassadors, we’ve worked with Tom Joyce on lots of Net World Sports and FORZA campaigns, so when we came up with the concept of #TrainForYourGame we knew we had to get him involved and wanted to find out more about his fitness journey…


Research conducted by Strava, the social networking and tracking app for runners and cyclists, delved deep into the data and discovered that 12th January is the date most people begin giving up on their New Year’s resolutions. If yours was to get fitter, healthier and train for your game, but you’ve started to lack motivation, or you’ve given up altogether, we’re here to get you back on track with the help of Tom Joyce!


Tom Joyce, founder of TJ Fitness & Wellbeing, has teamed up with us once again to bring you Strength Training Guides as part of our #TrainForYourGame campaign and we thought what better way to get everyone motivated than hear about his fitness journey and get his top tips!


NWS: Hi Tom! First of all, thanks a bunch for working with us on yet another campaign, we love all the content you give us. So, question number one… how did you get into sports performance coaching?

TJ: I played semi-professional football as a kid and have always been really sporty, so once I finished school I began my qualifications to become a personal trainer. I qualified when I was about 18 and worked in gyms until I was 22, before deciding to go it alone and become self-employed. As a self-employed personal trainer, I decided I wanted to specialise in working with amateur and professional athletes who were serious about getting better at their game (no pun intended on this one)!

I was introduced to a professional boxer in Reading about five years ago and started training him to improve his boxing performance, strength and conditioning. I began studying to become a boxing trainer / cornerman and then progressed my studies further into UKSCA (the UK’s professional body for strength and conditioning). From there, my portfolio of amateur and professional athletes grew and grew. I now train a variety of athletes, primarily boxers and footballers as well as hockey players, horse riders, swimmers and runners.

I have a passion for coaching athletes and absolutely thrive off seeing someone improve themselves and their game.



NWS: Such a brave move to make going self-employed, but it has obviously payed dividends! How did Studio 9 Fitness come about then? Studio 9 Fitness is Tom’s training studio in Berkshire.  

TJ: When I started out as a self-employed personal trainer, I was renting space off some friends who had just opened their own private gym close to my home. I knew that if I ever wanted to grow into the coach I believed I could be, I needed my own facility to be able to deliver the highest standard of sport specific training. Studio 9 Fitness is home to some of the highest quality sports performance and strength equipment in the industry. We have dedicated half of the gym specifically to functional and sport specific training with a large open astroturf area, whilst the other half is designed for strength training.


NWS: What does a typical day look like for you then? We imagine it’s pretty busy!

TJ: I wake up at 5.30am in the week, as well as on Saturdays with my first client session starting at 6am. I then work with clients up until midday before having three or four hours off in the afternoon where I spend my time replying to enquiries, delivering consultations, writing programmes and coaching clients. Being a trainer is so much more than just the hour spent in the gym and requires a lot of communication to keep your clients motivated outside of the gym as well!

I usually spend at least 30-45 minutes a day talking to my business partner, whether that’s over the phone or face-to-face, about the gym and our future plans. We’re always thinking about our next step and where we can take our ideas. My evening clients usually start around 4pm and I’ll then be coaching sessions until 9pm. With the gym being so close to home, I usually get in at around 9.15pm and spend an hour or so with my fiancée before we go to bed and start all over again the following day. I’m lucky enough to have a lot of support from my fiancée who prepares all my meals during the week and also helps with the admin side of the gym.

I work seven days a week, but Sundays usually don’t start until 9am and finish around midday so I have the afternoon to relax and recharge before the week starts again.  



NWS: Oh wow! How do often do you manage to train yourself then and how do you stay motivated to workout?

TJ: I train four times a week, every week. My training is focussed on power and strength as I’ve always been naturally lean but struggle to gain weight. My goal is to be physically athletic as I believe it enhances my abilities as a coach to be able to demonstrate and perform the exercises that I ask of my clients.

I stay motivated and inspired by those who I surround myself with. I used to get really demotivated when training for hypertrophy because I struggled to gain weight and found that the physical results that I was seeing were not reflective of the effort I was putting in. Since changing my focus, I now see regular improvements in my power and strength, being able to perform and practice the exercises I deliver to my clients also helps to improve my coaching abilities. I am motivated by the athletes that I train who are so driven by their desire to achieve! I am also motivated by the other coaches in my gym who are strong, knowledgeable and passionate about training. It is difficult not to be motivated to train when you are surrounded by motivated people!


NWS: And what are your top tips for getting the most of training?

TJ: 1. Follow a programme that is based on progressive overload.
2. Be consistent and dedicated.
3. Find a form of training that you enjoy! Training shouldn’t be a chore, it should be fun and invigorating! Whether it’s strength training or Zumba, if you enjoy doing it, you are more likely to see results from it.


NWS: What does the future look like for you? Do you have any exciting things coming up?

TJ: The future is definitely exciting! Myself and my business partner have loads of ideas for Studio 9 Fitness and how we can expand our concept. Personally, I would like to continue building my portfolio of athletes and branch out in the professional sector a little more whilst continually improving my own coaching abilities to become the best sports performance coach I can possibly be!



It’s all go then! Thanks for taking time out of your busy schedule to work with us on this campaign and speak to us Tom, we really appreciate it!


If you’d like to find out more about Tom, you can follow him on Instagram here. Don’t forget to check out the great Strength training guides he has created for us either. You can find beginner, intermediate and advanced workout guides here.

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