ACESO Instant Hot Pack [Bulk Buy Available] – Single Use

ACESO Instant Hot Pack [Bulk Buy Available] – Single Use

  • Instant hot pack - single use
  • heat pack for sore back
  • Hot packs
  • heat pack arthritis
  • instant heat pack
  • Instant hot pack - single use
  • heat pack for sore back
  • Hot packs
  • heat pack arthritis
  • instant heat pack
Instant Hot Pack provides deep heat therapy for muscular pains, stiff-feeling joints, chronic injuries, strains & sprains. Press firmly to activate, then apply for rapid relief. Compact & travel-friendly, these single-use heat packs are essential for first aid kits at sports clubs & schools. Range of pack sizes available.

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Effective Instant Heat Pack For Rapid Pain Relief

Instant Heat Therapy pack

Easy Application

Simply press firmly to rupture the inner pouch & mix the contents to activate the chemical reaction & apply it for instant warmth to the affected area. Designed for single use ONLY.

Hot pack for back pain

Instant Heat Therapy

The instant hot pack ensures deep heat penetration, promotes blood circulation & speeds up the recovery process. Available in various pack sizes, this is a must-have in any first aid kit.

Instant hot pack

Multipurpose Use

Delivering a long-lasting warming effect, the hot packs serve an effective treatment solution for various discomforts, such as old & recurring muscle pains, sore joints & stomach cramps.


Instant Heat Therapy for Soothing Pain, Muscle Spasms, Strains & Sore Joints

Compact and easy to use, the ACESO Instant Hot Pack provides instant deep heat therapy for various discomforts like muscle aches, joint stiffness, and chronic pain. There is no need to heat it before use - to activate the warming process, just squeeze the pack from both sides to start the exothermic reaction, then apply it to an injured area. Preferred by GPs and physiotherapists, this heat therapy solution stimulates blood flow to the affected area, easing pain and muscle tension, thereby facilitating the healing of damaged tissues. Versatile and hygienic, these disposable ACESO Instant Hot Packs are suitable for all ages and serve as an essential addition to all kinds of first aid kits at sports clubs, schools, and for home use.

  • ACESO Instant Hot Pack – Hassle-free activation & convenient application
  • Perfect for physiotherapists, GPs, sports teams & schools
  • Quick response for soothing muscular aches, joint stiffness, stomach & chronic pains
  • Compact & portable, the single-use hot pack is a must-have for any first-aid kit
  • Available as a single pack & in bulk buy options of 12, 24, 48, 96, 192 or 288

Please remember to use it with caution and follow the provided instructions carefully. This product is for external use only and should not be applied directly to damaged skin or open wounds.


ACESO Instant Hot Pack Specifications


  • Size: 23cm L x 13cm W | 9in L x 5in W
  • Weight: 200g | 7oz


  • Ingredients: Magnesium Sulphate & Water


  • Perfect for all sports teams, physiotherapists, GPs & school emergency bags
  • Can be easily stored & carried until activated
  • PLEASE NOTE: Carefully read and acknowledge the contents of the pack before use
  • DISCLAIMER: Single use only. DO NOT reheat. Please dispose once worn out. Non-returnable.
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