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    Stop That Ball Ball Stop Netting

    Stop That Ball™ - Ball Stop Net & Post System

    Special Price £99.99

    Regular Price: £125.99

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    1m x 1m Gaelic Football RapidFire Rebounder | Net World Sports

    RapidFire GAA Gaelic Football & Hurling Rebound Net [Single Sided]

    Special Price £84.99

    Regular Price: £106.99

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    Socketed Ball Stop Net

    Stop That Ball™ - Socketed Ball Stop Net & Post System

    Special Price £119.99

    Regular Price: £150.99

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    RapidFire Gaelic Football Rebounder [Double sided] | Net World Sports

    RapidFire GAA Gaelic Football & Hurling Rebound Net [Double Sided]

    Special Price £99.99

    Regular Price: £119.99

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    RapidFire 100 Rebounder | Net World Sports

    RapidFire RF Rebounders [3 Sizes]

    Special Price £79.99

    Regular Price: £99.99

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    Back Garden Gaelic Football And Hurling Rebound Net

    RapidFire Flash Pop-Up GAA Gaelic Football And Hurling Rebounder (8ft x 5ft)

    Special Price £49.99

    Regular Price: £79.99

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    GAA Rebound Net

    GAA Gaelic Football & Hurling Mega Rebounder Net (9ft x 7ft)

    Special Price £119.99

    Regular Price: £150.99

    Ball Stop Netting Multi Sport | Net World Sports

    48mm Multi Sport Ball Stop Netting [Standard Size]

    Special Price £0.73

    Regular Price: £1.99

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    Hurling Rebounder Net

    GAA Gaelic Football & Hurling Rebounder Net

    Special Price £249.99

    Regular Price: £312.99

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    Freestanding Gaelic Football Kickback Rebound Net

    RapidFire Mega GAA Gaelic Football And Hurling Rebounder

    Special Price £109.99

    Regular Price: £139.99

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    Ball Stop Net & Post System

    Ball Stop Net & Post System [12ft/20ft High - Removable]

    Special Price £419.99

    Regular Price: £500.99

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    Large Mega GAA Rebounder

    RapidFire Mega X GAA Gaelic Football And Hurling Rebounder

    Special Price £149.99

    Regular Price: £219.99

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    Aluminium Ball Stop Posts [3m-6m]

    Removable Aluminium Ball Stop System Posts (12ft/20ft High)

    Special Price £189.99

    Regular Price: £222.99

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    Best Gaelic Games Rebounder

    RapidFire Handheld GAA Gaelic Football And Hurling Rebounder

    Special Price £36.99

    Regular Price: £59.99

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    Ultra High 8m x 50m Ball Stop System

    Ultra High 8m x 50m Ball Stop System

    Special Price £5,939.99

    Regular Price: £7,425.99

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    Portable Multi-Sport Hitting Net [8’ x 8’] | NWS

    Portable Multi-Sport Hitting Net [7’ x 7’]

    Special Price £56.99

    Regular Price: £71.99

  17. Multibuy! Save Up To 20%
    Football Training Bibs For Sale

    FORZA Pro Football Training Bibs/Vests [5 - 15 Packs]

    Special Price £5.99

    Regular Price: £7.99

  18. Yellow FORZA Mega Cone & Bag

    FORZA Multi-Sport Superdome Training Marker Cones

  19. Multibuy!
    FORZA Training Marker Cones | Net World Sports

    FORZA Training Marker Cones [5 Colours]

    Special Price £7.99

    Regular Price: £10.99

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    Pitch Divider Netting & Posts Package | Net World Sports

    Pitch Divider Netting & Posts Package

    Special Price £1,299.99

    Regular Price: £1,500.99

  21. Pitch Divider Net - Any Height & Length

    Pitch Divider Net - Any Height & Length

    POA – Please call 01691 683 807
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    Sports Pitch Divider Netting

    Replacement Pitch Divider Nets

    Special Price £349.99

    Regular Price: £439.99

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    PVC Pouch for Pitch Divider Net

    PVC Pouch for Pitch Divider Net

    Special Price £126.99

    Regular Price: £159.99

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    Marker Cone Pick Up Tool - Cone Champ

    FORZA Training Cone Collector Pick Up Tool (Cone Champ)

    Special Price £7.99

    Regular Price: £10.99

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    FORZA Football Throw-Down Court Lines | Net World Sports

    Football Training Marker Lines

    Special Price £19.99

    Regular Price: £26.99

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    FORZA Speed Training Hurdles [6 Pack]

    FORZA Speed Training Hurdles [6 Pack]

    Special Price £15.99

    Regular Price: £21.99

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    Slalom Pole Rubber Base (2.3kg) | Net World Sports

    Slalom Pole Rubber Base [2.3kg]

    Special Price £6.99

    Regular Price: £9.99

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    Pitch Divider Intermediary Post

    Pitch Divider Intermediary Post

    Special Price £179.99

    Regular Price: £224.99

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    Training Hurdle Carry Bag

    Training Hurdle Carry Bag

    Special Price £3.99

    Regular Price: £5.99

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    Sports Net Cable Ties

    Cable Ties for Sports Nets

    Special Price £3.99

    Regular Price: £5.99

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    Speed Ladder for Sale

    FORZA Speed & Agility Training Ladder

    Special Price £4.99

    Regular Price: £6.99

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    Boundary Pole Base [1.25kg]

    Boundary Pole Base - Pack of 4 [1.5kg]

    Special Price £15.99

    Regular Price: £24.99

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    Steel & Plastic Net Pegs

    Steel & Plastic Net Pegs

    Special Price £1.99

    Regular Price: £2.99

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    Slalom Training Pole Carry Bag

    Slalom Training Pole Carry Bag

    Special Price £4.99

    Regular Price: £6.99

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    Slalom Training Poles - 5ft High

    5ft Spring Loaded Slalom Training Poles [25mm]

    Special Price £24.99

    Regular Price: £31.99

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    Steel U-Peg Goal Anchors

    Steel U-Peg Goal Anchors

    Special Price £3.99

    Regular Price: £5.99

Here at Net World Sports, we cater to an incredible array of sports across the world. However, we’re proud to provide some of the UK’s home nation’s favourite sports. Supplying equipment for two sports in particular involves crossing the Irish Sea for Gaelic Football and Hurling.

We stock an array of Gaelic Football & hurling/Camogie equipment fit for any level, from schools to the professionals. We have Goal Posts in a huge variety of sizes and materials, including our very own FORZA range of uPVC and Steel42 Gaelic Football & Hurling Posts. Our uPVC FORZA Goal Posts sizes start from 8 x 5, working their way up to 10 x 6, and 12 x 6 (feet). However, for those who prefer a Steel Goal Post exterior, our FORZA Steel42 range extends from 8 x 5, 10 x 6, and 15 x 7 (feet). Did we mention that a heavy-duty goal net will be provided with ALL FORZA goal posts?

Our huge range of goals doesn’t end there! We also supply full sized, highly-durable aluminium, professional/senior 21 x 8 Goal Posts, available in both Freestanding and Socketed options depending on your playing area.

If you’re simply looking to replace your Gaelic Football or Hurling Net, then we sell an assortment of different sized nets depending on your goal posts, from 8 x 5 (foot) nets to full-size 21 x 8 goal nets. If you’re a returning fan of our FORZA Gaelic Goal Posts, we also supply Replacement Nets for FORZA’s Gaelic Posts, as well as all your net clips and essential accessories for securing it.

Along with the best Gaelic Football Goals and Hurling Posts, Net World Sports possesses a vast array of Ball Stop Netting for those errant Gaelic Footballs. These nets are able to be completely customised by you, the public! We endeavour to cater to every single customer’s desires. So, feel free to choose between our standard sized ball stop net panels or customise your very own Gaelic Football & Hurling netting, just give us a call!

Or if you’re looking for the ultimate ball stop and post system for maybe your garden, school, or stadium. Why not try out Stop That Ball™ Ball Stop Netting System? Incredibly priced, Stop That Ball™ has graced a huge amount of customer’s playing areas and saved many windows from wild shots.

For passionate players and teams, check out our Gaelic Football & Hurling range of training equipment – we have more Gaelic Football equipment than you could shake an Irish Hurling Stick at. We stock and ship (many products, of which, are available for next day delivery) Training Bibs/Vests in classic colours fit for any team (Green, Blue, Red, Pink, Yellow, Orange, and of course, Green).

And for Captain Fantastic, we have several colours of Team Captain’s Armbands to choose from.

Our Marker Cones are perfect for any training session, and similar to our Bib range, cones are also available in different colours – white, orange, yellow, blue, red, orange, and green! Alternatively, choose our FORZA Training Marker Lines to mimic tight line play situations.

Players can improve their footwork, speed, and agility with our FORZA Slalom Poles, Speed Ladders, and Training hurdles, whilst staying hydrated at the top of their game with our remarkably low-priced Water Bottle selections.

Strength and physical endurance can be elevated to new levels with our Evasion Training Belts and Speed Resistance Chutes.

Gaelic Footballs can be kept in tip-top condition with the official ball pump of FORZA – Pump That Ball™, whilst goals can be maintained with clips, vermin skirts, repair twine, and cable ties. A specialist Wire & Rigging Kit is also available for hanging netting, be it goals, surround netting, or ball stop netting. Groundsmen can browse our Line Marking Machines too, for efficiently marking out sports pitches clearly.

It’s not wholly uncommon for the majority of Sports fans to ask, “what is hurling”, and “what are the rules of Gaelic Football?”. For those who think Football is overrated and overpaid, or maybe that Rugby is even a bit too soft, look no further than across the Irish Sea…

Born from a host of traditional Irish Ball Games, Gaelic Football is one of Ireland’s proudest and most popular sports.

Although it’s a sport mainly played on home soil, Gaelic has created associations that now exist in Great Britain, down under in Australia, and North America!

Admirably, Gaelic Football (along with Hurling) is one of the very few remaining strictly amateur sports in the world – players, coaches, and managers are strictly prohibited by the GAA (Gaelic Athletic Association) governing body from receiving payment in any shape or form.

Hurling is widely considered to be an ancient sport, played for over 3,000 years, and is native to Ireland’s Gaelic games. Subsequently, it is commonly believed to be the oldest field sport of all time. Sharing a number of similarities with Gaelic Football, such as the pitch size and goal posts, number of players, and a large amount of terminology.

Many sporting figures consider Gaelic Hurling to be the world’s fastest sporting gameplay, and has earned the nickname ‘The Fastest Game on Grass’.

Trust the experts at Net World Sports to help you accomplish your Gaelic Goals. With our specialist equipment at your disposal, you’ll be able to create shooting drills to improve your shooting technique and those trick shots.

Enhance your speed and endurance with customised pre-season training programmes and workouts by utilising our vast range of ladders, hurdles, and marker cones. GAA training drills all feature equipment such as these, including some of the best Gaelic Football players such as Lee Keegan, Ciaran Kilkenny, and Brian Fenton.

We can also help you hurl your way to glory by helping you or your team learning how to play hurling, perfectly conform to the basic rules, and execute shots with the utmost precision. Become a Hurling All-Star like Alan Cadogan, John McGrath, and Tony Kelly!

Don’t show Net World Sports the Gaelic football black card; for the best Gaelic Football and Hurling equipment, tailor-made ball stop netting, and professional goal posts, there is no other substitute.