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Lacrosse Practice Equipment

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    Regulation Size Pop-Up Lacrosse Goal

    FORZA Pop-Up Lacrosse Goal [6ft x 6ft]

    Special Price £149.99

    Regular Price: £189.99

  2. Sale
    Lacrosse Goal | Field Lacrosse Goal

    FORZA Regulation Lacrosse Garden Goal (6 x 6)

    Special Price £129.99

    Regular Price: £179.99

  3. Sale
    Lacrosse Goalposts [Professional NCAA]

    FORZA Professional FIL Lacrosse Goal [6 x 6]

    Special Price £349.99

    Regular Price: £437.99

  4. Sale
    Portable Lacrosse Crease

    Portable Lacrosse Crease - Regulation Size [18/17ft]

    Special Price £39.99

    Regular Price: £49.99

  5. Sale
    Lacrosse Goal Target Sheet

    FORZA Lacrosse Goal Target Sheet

    Special Price £49.99

    Regular Price: £62.99

  6. Sale
    3mm & 5mm Replacement Nets For Lacrosse Goals

    Replacement FORZA Lacrosse Goal Nets (6 x 6 x 7)

    Special Price £59.99

    Regular Price: £124.99

  7. Sale
    Lacrosse Rebound Trainer Goal

    FORZA Lacrosse Rebounder Net

    Special Price £199.99

    Regular Price: £250.99

  8. Sale
    RapidFire Rebound Net (Training & Ref Equipment Set)Back  Reset  Delete  Duplicate  Save  Save and Continue Edit

    RapidFire Lacrosse Rebound Net

    Special Price £84.99

    Regular Price: £106.99

  9. Sale
    RapidFire Lacrosse Rebound Net [Double Sided] (Training & Ref Equipment Set)

    RapidFire Lacrosse Rebound Net [Double Sided]

    Special Price £99.99

    Regular Price: £119.99

  10. Sale
    RapidFire Flash Pop-Up Rebounder | 8 x 5 Rebound Net | Net World Sports

    RapidFire Flash Pop-Up Rebounder (8ft x 5ft)

    Special Price £49.99

    Regular Price: £62.99

  11. Sale
    RapidFire Handheld Rebounder | Multi-Sport Training Tool | Net World Sports

    RapidFire Handheld Rebounder

    Special Price £36.99

    Regular Price: £46.99

  12. Sale
    Large RapidFire Mega Rebounder Net World Sports

    RapidFire Mega Rebounder

    Special Price £109.99

    Regular Price: £137.99

  13. Sale
    Portable Multi-Sport Hitting Net [8’ x 8’] | NWS

    Portable Multi-Sport Hitting Net [7’ x 7’]

    Special Price £56.99

    Regular Price: £71.99

  14. Sale
    Stop That Ball Lacrosse Ball Stop Netting | Backstop Nets

    Stop That Ball™ [Lacrosse Edition] – Ball Stop Net & Post System

    Special Price £99.99

    Regular Price: £125.99

  15. Sale
    Socketed Ball Stop Net

    Stop That Ball™ - Socketed Ball Stop Net & Post System

    Special Price £119.99

    Regular Price: £150.99

  16. Sale
    Portable Ball Stop System

    Pop-Up Stop That Ball™ - Ball Stop Net & Post System

    Special Price £99.99

    Regular Price: £124.99

  17. Sale
    Ball Stop Net & Post System

    Ball Stop Net & Post System [12ft/20ft High - Removable]

    Special Price £419.99

    Regular Price: £500.99

    Ball Stop Netting Multi Sport | Net World Sports

    48mm Multi Sport Ball Stop Netting [Standard Size]

    Special Price £0.73

    Regular Price: £1.99

  19. Multibuy! Save Up To 10%
    Slalom Training Poles - 5ft High

    5ft Spring Loaded Slalom Training Poles [25mm]

    Special Price £24.99

    Regular Price: £31.99

  20. Sale
    Garden Ball Stop Netting Systems

    Garden Ball Stop Net

    Special Price £79.99

    Regular Price: £100.99

  21. Sale
    Velcro Ties for Football Goal Nets

    Quick-Release Goal Net Ties

    Special Price £7.99

    Regular Price: £10.99

  22. Multibuy! Save Up To 45%
    Net Clips | Sports Net Equipment

    Net Clips

    Special Price £2.59

    Regular Price: £3.99

  23. Sale
     Net Clips [80 Pack]

    Net Clips [80 Pack]

    Special Price £7.90

    Regular Price: £10.99

  24. Multibuy! Save Up To 50%
    Steel & Plastic Net Pegs

    Steel & Plastic Net Pegs

    Special Price £1.99

    Regular Price: £2.99

  25. Multibuy! Save Up To 35%
    Steel U-Peg Goal Anchors

    Steel U-Peg Goal Anchors

    Special Price £3.99

    Regular Price: £5.99

  26. Sale
    Ground Screw Goal Anchors [Set of 4]

    Spirafix Ground Screw Goal Anchors [Set of 4]

    Special Price £57.99

    Regular Price: £72.99

  27. Sale
    Wembley Wheel Transfer Line Marker | Net World Sports

    Wembley Wheel Transfer Line Marker - For Sports Pitches

    Special Price £249.99

    Regular Price: £312.99

  28. Multibuy! Save Up To 10%
    Team Drinks Bottle For Sports, Gym, Athletics

    Sports Drink Water Bottles (750ml)

    Special Price £0.99

    Regular Price: £1.99

  29. Sale
    Ball Carry Cart

    Multi-Sport Ball Carry Cart [Tennis, Hockey, Cricket & Lacrosse]

    Special Price £119.99

    Regular Price: £150.99

  30. Sale
    Portable Aluminium Team Benches

    Portable Aluminium Team Benches

    Special Price £39.99

    Regular Price: £50.99

  31. Sale
    Professional 8 Seater Team Shelter

    FORZA Aluminium Team Shelter

    Special Price £1,449.99

    Regular Price: £2,199.99

  32. Sale
    Milan Team Shelter [Bench Seating]

    Milan Team Shelter [Bench Seating]

    Special Price £2,399.99

    Regular Price: £3,000.99

  33. Sale
    Olympia Team Shelter

    Olympia Team Shelter [Bucket Seat]

    Special Price £2,699.99

    Regular Price: £3,375.99

  34. Sale
    Team Shelter / Dugout - Economy

    Economy Team Shelter Dugout

    Special Price £2,150.99

    Regular Price: £2,689.99

  35. Sale
    Shoe Wiper And Scraper

    Compact Boot Scraper Brush & Wiper

    Special Price £129.99

    Regular Price: £199.99

  36. Sale
    Boot Wiper and Scraper For Two People

    Heavy Duty Boot Scraper & Wiper [Single/Double/Triple]

    Special Price £169.99

    Regular Price: £275.99

Lacrosse Practice Equipment For Home And Club Use

Lacrosse equipment from Net World Sports includes everything your Lacrosse team needs to perform at their very best. From long lasting practice equipment like cones and pinnies, through to Lacrosse Goals and Lacrosse Nets, we have got you covered. We stock a big selection of high quality Lacrosse goals depending on your requirements, choose from the Backyard Lacrosse Goal or the Professional Lacrosse Goal. Why not upgrade your Lacrosse training equipment range with goal target sheets, rebound nets and hurdles? You can rely on Net World Sports and our range of lacrosse equipment to keep your team playing at their very best.

Backyard Lacrosse Goals are suitable for competitive league games, training and practice sessions or even as a backyard goal for a LAX super fan. Constructed from hard-wearing galvanised steel each of these superb lacrosse goals is built to last and ready to stand up to your toughest players. The included nets are also made to a high standard, with a professional 1/8in thick netting and 1 5/8in mesh size to withstand regular use and stop lacrosse balls in their tracks.

Whilst the Professional Lacrosse Goals are manufactured to meet NCAA regulations, making them ideal for field lacrosse in schools, colleges and at a professional club level too. As extremely robust and reliable lacrosse goals, the frame is 2 inches thick and powder coated in the traditional orange colour, giving you professional quality without the hefty price tag! The superior netting, which comes included as standard, is an impressive 3/16in thick and has a 1 5/8in mesh size to ensure the net stands the test of time.

When you buy any of our lacrosse goals as a pair and grab yourself a bargain from Net World Sports!

Replacement lacrosse goal nets are an essential for any lacrosse club. Especially nets that are made to such high quality and are able to stand strong against the hardest of shots. Available as a pair or singularly, these lacrosse goal nets are designed to fit a regulation size 6ft x 6ft lacrosse goal and will last for many seasons to come. Each net includes lacing twine to secure the net into the goal and is constructed from 5mm thick white twine with a 1 5/8in mesh size which is ideal for stopping powerful shots in lacrosse.

If you’re looking for the best lacrosse practice equipment, then you’ve come to the right place. Net World Sports has a vast range of Lacrosse training aids to keep your squad in their best shape all year round. From essential coaching accessories like water bottles, tactics boards and referees whistles to specialist practice equipment like target sheets, rebound nets, training hurdles and slalom poles for Lacrosse training drills designed to work on specific skills.

Lacrosse goal target sheets are an essential piece of training kit too, they attach to the front of a regulation size lacrosse goal using the included elastic ties which are quick and simple to secure in place on the goal frame. The target sheet helps to practice those vital shooting skills using the goalie’s weak zones, including precise low corner shots, and fast paced top corner shots. They can be used when practicing alone, as a team or when competing with friends.

Whilst Lacrosse Rebound Nets come in a variety of shapes and sizes to improve your reaction time, passing and catching skills. Whether you are practising alone in the backyard or coaching training sessions for your collegiate team, rebound nets add an element of fun to practice and can be used by players of all abilities. Choose from single sided and double sided lacrosse rebound nets plus compact 3ft square models and tall 8ft high nets.  

Our very own Stop That Ball™ - Backstop Net & Post system is also perfect for Lacrosse practice, whether it is during home or as part of a team. Position behind the goal or between other sports pitches to act as ball stop net and stop any stray lacrosse balls from damaging the surroundings. This versatile lacrosse net can also be used for a variety of other ball sports including soccer, baseball, cricket, basketball and volleyball!

If you already have a sports perimeter fence at your establishment and are looking for replacement ball stop netting, or if you are looking to set up some boundary nets to protect spectators and surround property, we also stock custom size backstop netting. This can be used to stop balls from many sports, including lacrosse, basketball, volleyball, soccer and American football. Many of our customers include activity centres, schools and colleges who have multi sport courts and pitches, indoors and outdoors.

Whether you are looking for a set of goals for your Lacrosse club or just some training cones and rebound nets, we have everything you will need. With a comprehensive catalogue of Lacrosse Practice Equipment, we can help you become a star. Our lacrosse goals are manufactured to the highest quality, making them suitable for schools, colleges, and squads that are looking for a long lasting goal. All of our lacrosse goals are official competition size and spec so they can be used during tournaments. We also stock ultra heavy duty replacement lacrosse goal nets and a wide range of lacrosse practice equipment, including specialist rebounder nets and bounce back walls.

All of this lacrosse equipment is stocked at the Net World Sports warehouse, so our super-fast delivery could see you playing with our Lacrosse equipment as early as tomorrow, depending on your location! We offer our customers a range of speedy delivery options to give you more time playing and less time waiting for your delivery to arrive. 

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