Nutrigrow® Autumn/Winter Lawn Fertiliser [4-0-4+9fe] 25kg

Nutrigrow® Autumn/Winter Lawn Fertiliser [4-0-4+9fe] 25kg

  • High iron Winter Feed Fertiliser
  • High iron Winter Feed Fertiliser

Fast acting fertiliser perfect for use on any grass areas. The compound fertiliser consists of 2-3mm uniform granules rich in iron content for help with strengthening and greening grass up. 25kg Nutrigrow fertiliser has premium levels of longevity whilst turf response can be seen within 7 days. Fertiliser nutrient contents= 4:0:4:9Fe.

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Rapid and Long-lasting Winter Fertiliser for Grass

Ideal for use during the cooler periods of the year to help re-invigorate your lawn or sports pitch, the spreading fertiliser helps to strengthen grass. The sports pitch fertiliser also offers pre-stress conditioning, helping your turf to achieve optimum condition during the warmer months. Applying the lawn fertiliser during autumn and winter helps to minimise the threat of disease, moss and weeds by encouraging a denser sward to be produced.

  • High-quality garden fertiliser lasts for six weeks
  • Turf responds to treatment within 7 days
  • Fertiliser granules provide easy application and distribution across a large area
  • True compounds within each granule ensures even growth, quality and colour over the whole area
  • Versatile application rates enabling one bag to cover up to 714 square metres, making the slow release fertiliser extremely economical
  • Fertiliser with iron is ideal for autumn and winter use, but can be used all year round

The notably high iron content of the fertiliser spreader is a major bonus, particularly for use during cooler months, helping grass to green up without promoting any top growth. The iron content will also help to blacken and kill any moss that may be amongst your lawn or pitch surface.

Offering sustained levels of nutrition, the fertiliser for grass acts fast to treat a vast amount of space. The versatile application rates, as low as 35g per square metre, enables one bag to cover an extremely large area (up to 714 square metres). With the turf responding to treatment within seven days and lasting for around six weeks, Nutrigrow fertiliser offers impressive levels of speed and longevity.

The autumn lawn fertiliser offers true compounds within every granule helping the slow release fertiliser to deliver a perfect spread of nutrients, ensuring even growth. The optimum blend of nutrients also helps to ensure high levels of quality and colour are maintained and enhanced across the whole area, as well as preventing any unsightly specking effects.

PLEASE NOTE- To prevent the risk of scorching, apply fertiliser before rain is forecast so it can immediately be washed into soil. Keep activity on treated surface to a minimum after application to improve performance.


Nutrient Breakdown

  • 4% nitrogen
  • 0% Phosphate
  • 4% Potassium
  • 9% Iron


  • Read product labelling before use
  • Apply fertiliser before rain is forecast to allow granules to wash into soil
  • Ensure you get even coverage when applying product
  • Avoid mowing grass for 3-4 days either side of treatment
  • Granule dispersal takes an average of 4-5 days
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