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Standard Croquet Set (4 Player)

Standard Croquet Set (4 Player)

  • Standard Wooden Croquet Set
  • Wooden Blue Croquet Mallet & Croquet Balls
  • 4 Player Wooden Croquet Mallets
  • Standard Wooden Croquet Set
  • Wooden Blue Croquet Mallet & Croquet Balls
  • 4 Player Wooden Croquet Mallets

Complete croquet set including wooden mallets, poly-resin balls, steel wickets & post stake. All contained in a carry holdall. Perfect for the garden.

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The Complete 4 Player Wooden Croquet Set & Carry Case

Croquet Set With Hardwood Croquet Mallets

The Complete Set

With croquet mallets, poly-resin croquet balls, PVC wickets, and finishing post, there's everything you need to host a back garden game of croquet.

Croquet Carry Case | Croquet Equipment

Oxford Carry All

The carry case is designed for durability, crafted from Oxford fabric the case will safely store your croquet equipment and keep it intact between matches

Premium Quality Croquet Set | Excellent Durability

Colour Coded Croquet Equipment

The colour of each wooden mallet coincides with one of the 4 poly-resin croquet balls to prevent confusion about whose ball belongs to who during games. .


Handcrafted Wooden Croquet Set [4 Player]

Standard 4 player croquet set for back gardens. The set is comprised of 4 individually coloured 77cm (30 inch) long hardwood mallets, 4 coloured poly-resin balls, 6 weatherproof PVC coated steel wickets and a 61cm (24 inch) hardwood painted winning post. The entire croquet set fits into the black Oxford canvas carry bag.

  • 4 x 77cm (30 inch) coloured hardwood mallets.
  • 4 x coloured poly-resin 7.5cm (3 inches) croquet balls
  • 6 weatherproof PVC coated steel wickets.
  • A 61cm (24 inch) x 2.5cm (1 inch) painted hardwood winning post.
  • Oxford carry bag.

Up to 4 players can participate in a game of croquet with this handcrafted wooden set. Each player will pick one of the 4 colour-coded mallets which are 77cm (30 inches) long. Each mallet’s colour corresponds to one of the 4 croquet balls to make identifying each player’s ball simple. The croquet balls are manufactured from durable poly-resin and have a diameter of 7.5cm (3 inches).

The aim of croquet is to hit your ball through the 6 steel wickets, which are manufactured from weatherproof PVC. This outer casing prevents rain and sunlight from degrading your croquet wickets overtime. Once a player’s ball has passed through all 6 steel wickets, they will move onto the hardwood 61cm (24 inch) tall winning post. The first player to strike this post with their ball will be declared the winner. 

You can take your handcrafted croquet set to local parks with the use of the canvas carry bag. Manufactured from ultra-durable Oxford material, the bag allows you to store your equipment in one place.



  • 4 individually coloured hardwood mallets
  • 4 colour coded poly-resin balls
  • 6 weatherproof PVC covered steel wickets
  • 1 painted hardwood winning post stake
  • Oxford material carry holdall


  • Mallets: 77cm (30 inches) long
  • Balls: 7.5cm (3 inches) in diameter
  • Wickets: 6mm diameter (1/5 inches) x 44cm (17 inches) long x 11cm (4 inches) wide
  • Winning post stake: 61cm (24 inches) long x 2.5cm (1 inch) wide


  • Handcrafted croquet set
  • Mallet and ball colours: red, black yellow and blue
  • Ideal for the garden or the park

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Standard Croquet Set (4 Player)

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Standard Croquet Set (4 Player)

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