Net World Sports x RWL


Net World Sports and RWL are delighted to team up to deliver an exclusive offer for RWL members. As part of our partnership, RWL members can benefit from a 10% discount on the same METIS gym equipment used by RWL trainers.

We’ve worked together with RWL to create gym equipment bundles suitable for everyone. Whether you’re a beginner or intermediate, we’ve got you covered with our Mini and Ultimate packs.

Simply use code RWL10 at checkout to save on our RWL bundles as well as individual dumbbells, resistance bands, kettlebells and more!


What's Included In Our Starter Packs


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RWL x METIS Mini Starter Pack - Beginner



RWL x METIS Mini Starter Pack - Intermediate



RWL x METIS Ultimate Starter Pack - Beginner



RWL x METIS Ultimate Starter Pack - Intermediate


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Don't Forget To Use Your Exclusive 10% RWL Member Discount

RWL members can unlock an exclusive 10% discount on METIS gym equipment by using code RWL10 at checkout. Our gym range is currently excluded from any sitewide discount, so these prices are exclusive to you! The bundles we’ve created have everything you need to follow an RWL workout.


Other METIS Bestsellers

METIS Fabric Resistance Bands



Resistance Bands [Pack of 4]



METIS Pulley Resistance Bands With Handles



Adjustable Speed Skipping Rope



Plastic Skipping Ropes [Pack of 6]



METIS Neoprene Hex Dumbbells [0.5kg-16kg] - Pair



METIS Hex Dumbbells [2.5kg-50kg] - Pair



METIS Neoprene Kettlebells [4kg-28kg]



METIS Pro Cast Iron Kettlebells [4kg – 48kg]



METIS Body Pump Weight Set [20kg]



METIS Portable Dumbbell Rack



METIS Kettlebell Stand



METIS Fitness/Aerobic Step



METIS Foam Roller [Black]



METIS Aerobic Weight Bar [2kg-10kg]



METIS Weighted Hula Hoop [1kg]



METIS Balance Ball/Trainer



METIS Bulgarian Bags [5-30kg]



METIS Exercise & Yoga Mat – 6mm Non-Slip



METIS Luxury Alignment Yoga Mat



RWL Unboxing METIS Gym Equipment Video

RWL trainers frequently use Net World Sports’ products for their workouts and here’s a video of Ashley and Nancy (@nbeagle_) unboxing their delivery of METIS gym and fitness equipment.

RWL Live Workout on Net World Sports Instagram Page

We kicked off the New Year with RWL trainers Jenny Francis-Townson (@jennyfrancis23) and Ashley Bagley (@ashleycbagley) delivering a live 30 minute workout on the Net World Sports Instagram page (@networldsports). Make sure you follow the Net World Sports account for any future workouts!