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Practice Golf Balls

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At Net World Sports we stock the best golf practice balls for the garden and the course. We have a range of practice golf balls available including plastic golf balls and foam golf balls which are both ideal for use at home in the garden. Plastic balls shouldn’t be used for full swing shots but are perfect if you want to practice chipping golf balls with wedges, whilst you can hit foam balls with any club at full speed without ruining the ball or damaging properties. The foam balls are short flight practice golf balls, so they won’t travel anywhere near as far as standard golf balls meaning they are easier to contain. We also have golf balls that are ideal for use at course practice facilities and on the course itself during casual rounds. Our 3-piece FORB F-3 balls are durable and guarantee high-level performance at an affordable price. As well as stocking golf training balls we also have other golf training equipment available including chipping nets, practice mats and cages.