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Bird Netting

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At Net World Sports we have the best humane anti bird netting that is designed to tackle issues with unwanted birds. Whether you’re an individual looking for bird netting to protect your garden, a farmer looking to stop birds from stealing or damaging crops, or a council or business looking to reduce bird infestation and mess, we have the best-quality bird netting available in standard or custom sizes. Made from high density polyethylene, our bird control netting will outlast many cheaper alternatives sold online which are often damaged within weeks or months of being installed. The netting is available in various mesh sizes to deal with different birds, starting with sparrow bird netting and starling netting which is perfect for smaller birds. Our netting for larger birds includes pigeon netting and anti-seagull netting which can either be used to contain and protect birds within enclosures, or keep birds from getting into areas you don’t want them to.