French Boules Set (Deluxe)

French Boules Set (Deluxe)

  • Metal Boules Set with Carry Bag
  • French Boules Set 6 Piece Boules Game
  • Outdoor Boules Garden Sports & Beach Games
  • Metal Boules Set with Carry Bag
  • French Boules Set 6 Piece Boules Game
  • Outdoor Boules Garden Sports & Beach Games
Premium French boules set includes 6 x chrome plated balls, a cork jack (target ball) and a 1m long twine measuring tool. Complete with Oxford canvas carry bag.

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Premium Quality Garden Boules Set With Handy Carry Case

Robust Iron Boules

The set of boules are manufactured from corrosion resistant iron and feature a chrome plated outer casing, making them ideal for regular use without becoming marked and damaged.

Secure Carry Case

The compact carry case safely and securely stores the full boules set, ensuring nothing gets lost and you can easily transport and store your boules equipment.

Complete Luxury Set

The garden boules are supplied with a handy twine measuring tool and a cork jack to ensure that even the tightest of calls can be accurately measured.


6 Luxury Iron Boules With A Twine Measuring Tool, Cork Jack And Oxford Carry Case

With 6 uniquely marked chrome plated boules, a single cork jack, 1m twine measuring tool and handheld Oxford canvas carry case, this premium French Boules set includes everything you need to host a game in your back garden or on holiday.

  • Set includes 6 corrosion resistant, chrome plated iron boules.
  • The lawn boules feature uniquely engraved markings to easily determine the owner of each boules ball
  • Jack is manufactured from cork. 
  • 1m twine measuring tool. 
  • Oxford canvas carry case.
  • This set can also be used for Petanque.

Constructed with a corrosion resistant chrome plated outer casing these high-quality iron boules can be used to tactically knock your opponent's balls away from the jack, without the fear of bumps damaging your boules over time. Each ball is engraved with unique markings to help players identify their balls during games. When the time arises to accurately determine the winner use the twine measuring tool to do so. This 1m tool will instantly settle any debate about who's ball is closest to the cork jack ensuring every game you play is decided fairly. 

Once you have finished playing with this French boules set, the Oxford canvas carry bag provides a protective storage solution. The bag fits the entire set into one tidy case which can be stored in the garage or packed into your suitcase allowing you to take your boules set with you on holiday. 

At Net World Sports we offer a wide range of garden game sets including our Vermont Procourt Mini Tennis Net & Racket Set, Croquet Sets and Garden Cricket Sets which complimen this French boules set perfectly. 


Boules Set Includes:

  • 6 x boules
  • 1 x jack
  • 1 x 1m long measuring tool
  • 1 x black carry bag


  • Chrome plated, corrosion resistant iron boules 
  • Jack is manufactured from cork
  • Oxford canvas carry bag  
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