Badminton Court Modular Floor Tiles System (BWF Certified)

Badminton Court Modular Floor Tiles System (BWF Certified)

  • Badminton Court Modular Floor Tiles System
  • Badminton Court Modular Floor Tiles System
A custom modular floor tiles system available in a large range UV treated colours. Produced from weatherproof materials and equipped with an air and water filter. An anti-slip surface that can be completely personalised. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

SKU: GE45108


The Ultimate Weatherproof Indoor And Outdoor Court Tiles System

Available in a range colours options to compliment your teams existing colours as well as varying sizes to suit your requirements, the badminton floor tiles are a versatile piece of ground equipment ideal for every court. With optional logo branding and bespoke court lines, this innovative system will allow you to add a touch of professionalism to any badminton court.

The high-quality premium materials used to create these robust modular tiles ensures that your court will be protected from UV rays, harmful bacteria and water damage. With an extensive water and air filtration system that effectively clears water and debris, each player will be able to quickly return to a dry and safe court.

  • Additional shock absorption system also available
  • Full installation instructions supplied upon delivery
  • Manufactured from weatherproof and UV treated materials
  • Available in range of colour variations to compliment your teams colours
  • A completely bespoke court with a range of additional features like logo branding and added court lines
  • Modular court flooring needs to be correctly positioned on level and hard surface to prevent tile migration. It is ideally installed onto concrete or asphalt
  • Low maintenance modular court tiles that have water drainage and air ventilation capabilities
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • Features an interlocking system for quickly and simple instillation

This BWF certified badminton is a cost-effective method to fully safeguard your players indoor and outdoors. The anti-slip surface of these badminton floor tiles provides additional grip for each player and ensures that they receive a realistic playing surface. For increased safety, a shock absorption system can be added to the entire structure of these badminton tiles to reduce the probability of injury on the court.

With this easy to install floor, your team will be able to enjoy their new and improved court quickly. To achieve the best assembly results for these modular floor tiles, simply clip them together on a hard and flat surface. Further instructions will be supplied upon delivery.



  • Badminton court dimensions are completely customisable


  • All tiles are UV stablised and weatherproof


  • Available in a range of colours with logo printing
  • Custom court lines can also be added
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • Optional high-quality shock absorption system
  • Tiles utilise an anti-slip design
  • Filters air and water 
  • Must be installed on a flat surface
  • Installation instructions supplied on delivery
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