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Hockey: Great Kit That’s A Guaranteed Hit

27 Jul , 2016  

The 2016 Champs are over and the Olympics are just round the corner – there’s never been a better time to be a hockey fan. We’ve gathered the best hockey equipment together so you can train like a winner all year.

Sick of the same old passing and shooting drills? Bored of basic game tactics? Looking for a way to seriously upgrade your game?

Well, I’ve got exciting news – we’ve worked our bottoms off behind the scenes finding the best gear to challenge your skills and give you game-winning tactics. We cater for every age and every skill level, making sure you and your team can improve with every session.

Hone Those Skills At Home

Keeping kids (and adults!) interested and practicing hockey skills can be difficult, but with these inexpensive bits and bobs you can help a budding player have fun in the garden.

FORZA Flash Hockey Goals

FORZA Flash Hockey Goals – from £19.99

Flash Target Goal

A pop-up hockey goal?! Why, yes.

Easy to store and mega useful for developing shooting skills, this goal is essential for young players. Team it up with a Stop That Ball to protect your windows and you’ve got the perfect setup for scoring big.




Hockey Passing Arcs

Hockey Passing Arcs – from £17.99

Passing Arcs

Hit hard but with the perfect aim.

Passing the ball is the most important skill on the pitch, so add a bit of challenge and develop those skills! These arcs can also be used for advanced players to laser target goal shots like you’ve never seen before.

Whatever your skill level, these are one for the training kit.




Hockey Cones

Hockey Cones – from £7.99

Marker Cones

What can’t be done with a cone? Get passing, dribbling and shooting your way to the top. The only limit is the imagination when it comes to hockey cone training, so here are 3 ideas to get you started:

  1. The Zig-Zig – Place the cones about 5ft apart in zig-zag pattern (hence the name)a great way to practice dribbling in any direction and using the correct side of the stick.
  2. Keeping Chipper – Pop some cones in a little wall and get the ball over the top. Great for scoring practice and loads of fun.
  3. Mini Hockey – Get those cones in a tiny pitch formation and play for hours!


Turn Up The Heat On Team Training

There’s no need to let training get repetitive with these skill-builders! Challenging different skills keeps the team guessing and makes sure they have a move for every event on the pitch.

Chipping Block

Need to get players chipping the ball safely and with control? This handing block can used in all sort of training drills from hitting into goal to getting the ball over an opponent’s stick. And no need to worry about some poor soul being on the receiving end.


Hockey Mannequins

Hockey Mannequins – from £29.99


Dodge, dribble and shoot round the opposition!

These Mannequins let you setup complex drills to get your players thinking strategy wherever they are on the field. Work on passing and scoring skills from beginner to advanced levels without some players losing out by playing the standing target. They’re also ideal for practicing shooting round the goalie for newer players.


Mini Target Goal

Some equipment is a no brainer and these steel and aluminium target goals are no exception.

Start making those scoring shots count by giving your players a deadly accurate aim. These heavy duty little fellas will stand up to beginners and pro players alike. No training session is complete without one (or two!), so treat yourself and get playing!


Hockey Pitch Professionals

Make your pitch the home of championship dreams with our top of the line range. Training like you play is essential, so give your club a winning pitch.

Bottles & Carrier

No thirst on the pitch except the thirst to win!

It might seem cliche, but player health is always a top priority and with our bottle and carrier set you can talk strategy and make sure they’re on top form

Ensure your superstars are hydrated and refreshed throughout games.

This matching set is easy to use, store and transport, so what are you waiting for?



Custom Corner Flag

Show a bucketful of team pride with custom corner flags. Print your club name and logo on a flag colour of your choice and adorn your pitch in your home colours.

At such an amazing price there’s no reason not to let them flutter in the breeze to show everyone who you are and what you stand for.


FIH Hockey Goal

FIH Hockey Goal – £1574.99

FIH Match Goal

The absolute best goals to grace your pitch, these are styled on the goals used at the London 2012 Olympic Games. With a super strong hanging net, aluminium frame, competition backboards and wheels all included, this is the most comprehensive hockey goal package around. For a world-class hockey experience get these portable hockey goals on your pitch and show your competition what you’re made of.


Are you excited for the hockey at the Rio Games? Hoping to get some new players as we watch the best of British duke it out against the world? Get in touch and let us know!


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