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NEW ARRIVAL: Aussie Rules Equipment

8 Mar , 2019  

It’s finally here, the thing every Australian has been waiting for, our Aussie Rules range…

The AFL is kicking off in a couple of weeks and now you can get set and score big this season with our new range of Aussie Rules equipment! Whether you’re rooting for the Eagles to make it a double or think the Magpies have what it takes to bring the title back to Victoria, we’ve got equipment for all footy fans.

With the introduction of this brand new range, it was only right that we sat down with our resident product gurus, Adam and Tom, from our Procurement team to discover why we created this category of equipment…

Hi Guys, long time no see! With the arrival of our new Aussie Rules range, we’d love to find out how the concept first came about?

Adam: As one of Australia’s biggest sports it only seemed right we introduced an Aussie Rules range to our comprehensive offering. Our UX Executive, Eva, had been conducting research on our Australian website to find out what our customers wanted, and it was clear an Aussie Rules range was missing. Our customers are the biggest drivers here and we always listen to what they need.

Tom: From the information Eva gave us, we delved further into the sport to discover a range of products we could introduce, and the rest is history! The Aussie Rules equipment came about similarly to our American Football equipment, in that it was an untapped market for us and we realised we had a lot of products currently in stock that would fit the bill for the sport, allowing us to transition these products into a full range.

You’ve just touched on it briefly there, but what was the full process behind the Aussie Rules range then?

Adam: As Tom mentioned, we looked at our existing products, which was predominantly training equipment that fell into our Rugby range and identified sports specific products that we could introduce.

Tom: We have really fast transit times and competitive delivery rates, so wanted to introduce products that were relevant to the Aussie Rules category and would work well as part of our offering.

And what kind of products have been included in the category then?

Tom: The full range of training equipment can be found here and features the likes of Hit Shields, Tackle Tubes and our hugely popular RapidFire Rebounders, as well as other products such as Ball Stop Nets, Ground Equipment and First Aid Kits.

Looks good! Can we expect to see any new products being added to the Aussie Rules range soon?

Adam: Yes, definitely! We’re currently in the process of reviewing our Mini AFL Post Set, which will be due in later this month, something we’re all hugely excited about. During the manufacturing process, we engineered the poles and tested our samples to ensure they were fit for all weather conditions and prolonged use. We’re also working on balls, training aids more tailored to the sport and coaching boards, so watch this space!

The new range of Aussie Rules Equipment is available to order now, so what are you waiting for? Click on your country below to shop.

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