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NEW ARRIVAL: FORZA Aluminium Team Shelter

24 Apr , 2019  

Like nothing you’ve seen before, the FORZA Aluminium Team Shelter features a modular design, so your dugout can grow with your team…

As the champions of designing and manufacturing the best quality sporting products around, we’re practising what we preach here at Net World Sports with the introduction of our brand-new FORZA Aluminium Team Shelter. It’s been a long time coming as we wanted to make sure it was the best team shelter around, but it’s revolutionary and will set the bar for all others to follow.


Taking the strain out of assembly, the modular design makes the team shelter hassle-free and quick to construct. With each seat measuring 44cm x 45cm x 37cm, you’re able to make the FORZA Aluminium Team Shelter fit for you; whether you just need a 1m shelter for two people or an 8m shelter to fit 16 people, you can add and amend as you please.


Manufactured with a 50mm x 50mm aluminium profile, this top of the range team shelter will never let you down. Come rain or shine, the FORZA Aluminium Team Shelter will see you through multiple seasons whilst retaining its original shape and condition. For extra strength you’ll also find 80mm x 80mm aluminium support struts throughout.


Wanting to give you as much choice as possible when it comes to picking your FORZA Aluminium Team Shelter, not only can you pick the length of the dugout but you can also select from blue, black or red seats. These injection moulded anti fade seats are guaranteed to keep your players and coaches comfy during match days.

With all of this in mind sat down with Adam and Tom from our Procurement team, as well as Andrew (more fondly known as Cherrie) our Operations Efficiency Coordinator and technical brains behind many of our product designs, to discover just why we created this innovative team shelter…

Nice to see you again guys and welcome to you Cherrie! So, let’s get to it… why did we first decide to introduce the FORZA Aluminium Team Shelter?

Cherrie: We were pushing quite a lot of third-party supplier team shelters to customers and knew we had the capacity to introduce our own that was nothing like anyone had created before, so we bit the bullet and went for it.

Tom: We wanted to give our customers more choice and by offering a more comprehensive range within one product, we did just that. Every single metre of team shelter you want, you can have with the FORZA Aluminium Team Shelter.

Adam: Creating our own team shelter allows us to make our product offering much more cost effective for our customers too as well as giving them greater delivery options.

And how did the initial concept of the modular design come about?

Adam: We wanted the team shelter to be in keeping with the same principal as all our products in that they’re flat packed. Doing this allows up to have multiple sections of the team shelter in stock that can be used across all the different sizes.

Tom: Exactly, so if you initially purchased the 2m FORZA Aluminium Team Shelter, you could easily upgrade to the 5m by buying extra panels and inserting them in the middle of the shelter.

So, with the USP being the modular design, I’m guessing this kind of team shelter was missing from the market?

Cherrie: 100% - as far as we know, no one else manufactures modular team shelters so it’s certainly a USP we are capitalising on.

Tom: It’s modular, lightweight, flat-packed, easy to assemble, we can ship it anywhere in the world… what’s not to love?!

How long did it take from designing and starting the manufacturing process to getting them into stock then?

Adam: Once we had come up with an initial design of the product and briefed our manufacturers, we received our first sample fairly quickly. That was back in September 2017 and then production of the final product we have today started September 2018.

Cherrie: It took slightly longer than our usual product development as there are so many elements of the shelter that we wanted to get right. The seats for example; the ones we initially received samples of weren’t quite right for the look we were going for, so we decided upon alternative ones - but in doing that it caused a few issues with the seat installation, so we had to tweak the overall design.

Tom: Making it strong and stable was key to the design whilst also keeping decent assembly so we also added central supports halfway through the process.

Not too bad all in all then! Can we expect to see anymore FORZA Team Shelters ‘hitting the shelves’ soon then?

Cherrie: We’ve got around four or five new concepts in the pipeline, which we’re currently working on so keep an eye out!

The new FORZA Aluminium Team Shelter is available to buy now with prices starting from £1,449.99 – just click on your country below!

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