The dimensions of a regulation basketball court vary depending on the level of play and/or the location a game takes place, which is why we’ve put together this comprehensive guide to basketball court sizes.

Our guide covers standard basketball court dimensions in the UK, US and other international countries, outlining the regulation court sizes in each region. The guide also covers the basketball court markings that can be found on courts around the world, meaning you have all the key information you need on basketball court sizes and layouts.

How big is a basketball court in the UK?

Basketball England sets the regulation sizes of basketball courts based in the UK. In the UK, the length of a senior international basketball court should be 28m (91.86ft) and the width should be 15m (49.21ft). The 28m x 15m court means that there is a total court surface area of 420m² (4520.43ft²).

The courts should also include “Run Off” zones around the perimeter of the principal playing area. With these run off areas included, the size of an international court should be 105.0ft x 69.3ft or 32m x 19m.

UK International standard basketball courts fall in line with the regulations set out by FIBA (Federation Internationale de Basketball Amateur) who are also known as The International Basketball Federation.

Although there is a set court size for international matches, there is some variation allowed in court dimensions at lower levels. England Basketball’s regulation court sizes are categorised by four levels of play.

  • "International" courts are UK courts that are used in international fixtures.
  • “Premier” relates to Premier and National League clubs.
  • “Club” level is defined as local clubs competing in District and County League Competitions.
  • “Community” level is for basketball courts that are designed for school and community use.

What size is an Olympic basketball court?

Olympic qualifying basketball games and Summer Olympic games are overseen and regulated by FIBA. The courts are the same size as FIBA regulation courts with dimensions of 91.86ft x 49.21ft (28m x 15m).

UK Basketball Court Size Guidelines
Level Length (m) Width (m) Playing Surface
International 28 15 Area elastic wooden
Premier 26-28 14-15 Semi-sprung wooden or synthetic
Club 26-28 14-15 Semi-sprung wooden or synthetic
Community 26-28 14-15 Semi-sprung wooden or synthetic
Basketball Court Size - FIBA

How big is a basketball court in the US?

As is the case in the UK, in the United States there are different rules for court dimensions and markings, depending on the basketball league and governing body.

The National Basketball Association, or the NBA, is the most famous basketball league in the world and they use a court that is slightly larger than those used in top-level UK and FIBA games.

The length of an NBA basketball court is 28.65m (94ft) and the width is 15.24m (50ft), meaning the court has a total playing surface of 436.626 m² or 4699.80ft². In comparison to UK international courts, NBA basketball courts are 65cm longer and 24cm wider.

Basketball Court Size - NBA

The National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) utilises the same court dimensions as the NBA but at younger ages, different size courts are used. The table below outlines the regulation court sizes by organisation/age.

USA Basketball Court Dimensions
Level Length (m) Width (m)
NBA 28.65 15.24
NCAA 28.65 15.24
High School 25.60 15.24
Junior High 22.56 15

Basketball Court Markings

If you are looking to mark out a basketball court, you will need to know the dimensions of each zone or area. It's important to get these markings correct for courts that will be used in leagues and tournaments to ensure they meet the governing body’s regulations.

Any courts marked out for training purposes, should also match regulation dimensions, so that skills learnt in practice can be directly transferred to a competitive game. For example, if the free-throw line is marked out incorrectly on your court at home, you may have to adjust your technique to be successful on a regulation court.

Basketball court markings and zones are shown in the basketball court drawing shown below:

All lines on UK international and FIBA regulation courts should be 5cm (1.97 inches) in width, of the same colour (usually white) and clearly visible. All lines marked out on an NBA court are 2 inches (5.08cm) in width.

Many of the small differences between NBA courts’, and UK courts’ dimensions, are due to the fact that imperial measurements - inches and feet are used to mark out NBA courts, and the metric system using cm and metres is primarily used to mark out UK and FIBA courts.

Basketball Court AReas

Basketball Court Areas & Names

Perimeter Basketball Court Lines

The boundary lines that run the length of the court are called the “sidelines”, and the lines at either end that mark the width of the court are called the “endlines”.

  • The two sidelines on UK international standard & FIBA courts are 91.86ft (28m) long, and the endlines are 49.21ft (15m) long.
  • In the NBA, each basketball court is 94ft (28.65m) x 50ft (15.24m). The sidelines are 94ft (28.65m) long and the endlines are 50ft (15.24m) long.

Centre Circle Diameter

The centre circle (also known as the jump circle) is marked out, right in the centre of the court and is used for the start of the game.

  • UK and FIBA court centre circle has a diameter of 11.81ft (3.6m)
  • NBA courts have a centre circle diameter of 12 ft (3.66m)

No Charge Arc or No Charge Semi-Circle

The arc underneath the basket is the no charge arc or “restricted area”.

On UK & FIBA basketball courts it is marked out by:

  • An arc with a radius of 4.1ft (1.25m) from the point of the floor under the centre of the hoop
  • Two lines, running parallel to the sidelines with the inner edge of each line 4.1ft (1.25m) from the point on the floor underneath the centre of the hoop
basketball court

On NBA courts, the no charge area is marked out by:

  • An arc with a radius of 4 ft (1.22m)
  • Two lines, running parallel to the sidelines with the inner edge of each line 4ft (1.22m) from the point on the floor underneath the centre of the hoop

Free Throw Line

The free throw line is where all free throws or foul shots are taken from.

  • On UK & FIBA courts, the distance between the free throw line and the backboard is 15.09ft (4.6m).
  • On NBA courts the distance between the free throw line and the point on the floor directly underneath the backboard is 15ft (4.57m)

3 Point Line

The 3 point line is an arc marked out near to each basket, which determines if a successful shot from open play scores 2 or 3 points. Shots outside the line are worth 3 points, shots within the arc are worth 2.

On UK international & FIBA courts the distance from the 3 point line (from the farthest point), to the basket-centre is 22.15 ft (6.75 m). The distance from the basket to the side of the 3-point-area is 21.65 ft (6.60m).

On NBA courts, the 3 point line is 23ft and 9-inches away from the basket, except for in the corners of the arc, where it is 22ft away. The distance of the 3 point line changed in the NBA during the 1990s, making the distance in the corners 22ft instead of 23ft, to encourage higher scoring games. The distance from the side of the 3 point line, to the sideline, is 3ft (0.91m).

The Key/Free Throw Lane

The key is the box below each hoop. It is also referred to as “the restricted area”, “the lane” or “the paint”, as it is often painted a different colour to the rest of the court.

  • In UK international courts & FIBA courts, the key is 16.08 ft (4.9m) wide and 19ft ( 5.8m) long.
  • In the NBA the width of the key is 16ft (4.88m) with a length of 19ft (5.8m) from the baseline to the foul line.

Comparison of Basketball Court Dimensions by Organisation

The table below details the dimensions that basketball courts must adhere to in order to meet regulations set by the NBA, FIBA/UK International and the WNBA.

Senior Basketball Court Size Comparison Table
Court Area/Marking NBA FIBA / UK WNBA
Court Length 28.65m 28m 28.65m
Court Width 15.24m 15m 15.24m
Hoop Height 3.05m 3.05m 3.05m
Centre Circle Diameter 3.66 m 3.6m 3.66m
Basket to the 3-Point Line 7.24m 6.75m 6.75m
Basket to Corner Of 3-Point Line Arc 6.70m 6.60m 6.60m
Key Length 5.80m 5.80m 5.80m
Key Width* 4.88m 4.9m 4.88m
Backboard to Free-Throw Line 4.57m 4.6m 4.57m
Radius from the Hoop to No Charge Arc 1.22m 1.25m 1.22m

*The key is called “The Restricted Area” by FIBA and “The Free Throw Lane” in official NBA documentation. It is sometimes colloquially called “the lane” or “the paint”.

Other Basketball Court FAQs

What’s the best way to create a home basketball court?

If you have the room, for example in your back garden, you can hire someone to level the ground and pour a concrete slab. You can then look to install a socketed or portable basketball hoop, and layout the court using basketball tiles. Laying tiles over concrete makes a much safer court, compared to marking out lines directly on the concrete.

home basketball court
drive basketball court

What surfaces can basketball tiles be used on?

Basketball tiles can be used on concrete, tarmac and outdoor flooring slabs or tiles. Generally speaking any level, hard and durable surface is perfect. Basketball tiles shouldn’t be laid or used on grass, as the surface won’t be level or hard enough. In addition, the grass will become damaged relatively quickly due to a lack of sunlight, moisture and ventilation.

What size is a half court basketball court?

A standard NBA basketball court is normally too large for most people to fit in their backyard or garden. There is no set size for a half-court, but many people opt for a half basketball court that is 46.5ft x 30ft (14.17m x 9.14m) which is half the size of an NBA court. A half-court will have a surface area of approximately 1395ft² or 129.51m².

The FORZA Basketball Court Modular Floor Tiles System [FIBA/NBA Standard] can be used to create courts at home, in sizes ranging from 16.5ft x 25.5ft up to 46.5ft x 80ft. With a 5 year warranty, the tiles are unrivalled in terms of quality and performance.

Where can you buy basketball court equipment?

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