If you’re looking to buy a basketball hoop but aren’t sure what height to have the net at we can help! The correct basketball rim height will depend on the age of the players, with younger kids requiring the hoop to be lower than older children and senior players.

The reason it’s important to have the correct basketball net height is that the game is more enjoyable for children if it’s easier for them to score and having a net that is too high makes it harder for them. It also encourages the development of proper shooting technique which is essential for young players.



The basketball hoop height image below gives you a rough idea of what the best basketball rim height is for children by age (in feet and metres). The image can be used as a guide but we ultimately recommend that you go with a net height that your child feels comfortable with when playing.

Basketball Rim size chart

Basketball Hoop Dimensions

At NBA level the diameter of a basketball hoop is 18 inches (46cm). That is also true for all senior basketball games from high school level or to professional men’s and women’s matches. Children’s basketball hoops however aren’t always 18 inches with some hoops having a smaller ring diameter. As the basketball balls used by children are also smaller this doesn’t impact how easy it is to score.

When it comes to buying a basketball hoop we have adjustable and fixed options available. Our adjustable basketball hoops can easily be moved higher and lower to accommodate use by players of all ages, whilst our fixed options can only be set at one height initially although they can be moved higher as kids grow older (this will require a little more time and effort).

At Net World Sports we have a great selection of basketball equipment. With balls, nets, hoops and rebounders available we have something to suit all ages and requirements.