The correct basketball size is vital to ensure the best experience for players of all ages. Basketball balls come in various different sizes, ranging from size 3 up to size 7 which is the official NBA ball size.

Each basketball ball size is suitable for a specific age group so it’s vital that the correct ball size is used.


The basketball size diagram below clearly shows what size basketball ball should be used by age:

Basketball size chart

There are two main reasons why using the correct size of basketball is so important.

1. Developing Technique

Using a basketball that is too big can lead to the development of poor shooting, passing and dribbling technique. Continuing to practice poor habits can delimit players performance as they grow older.

2. Enjoyment of the game

Playing with the wrong size ball can restrict playing performance and make the game less than enjoyable. When playing with the right basketball you will undoubtably have more fun because you will have a much higher chance of success!

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