If you’re looking to buy new football nets you might assume that it’s a case of knowing what size goals you have and placing an order for nets to fit that goal size but there’s actually a lot more to it than that!

When purchasing nets you’ll need to consider not only what size football goals you have but also what type/style of goals you have, what netting grade and twine type you require, and what colour/colours you want the nets to be. Getting the right combination is essential if you want to get the best fit, performance and appearance from your new nets.

In this guide we’ll provide you with everything you need to know prior to purchasing new football nets.


When buying football nets there are three main types of football goals that you can buy nets for. As a result, there are three main types of nets available to buy which are:

  1. Standard Nets
  2. Straight Back Nets
  3. Stadium Box Nets

1) Standard Nets

Standard nets are used with football goals that have a top runback or ‘D-bracket’ attached (a D-shaped fixing at the top of the back of each goal post). With these types of goals you hang the nets over the top runback or D-bracket on each post to create a top-depth , before pulling the nets down until they are taut and touching the ground, fixing the nets to the ground with pegs.

Standard Nets

2) Straight Back Nets

Straight back nets are used with football goals that have no top runback or net support brackets. These goals can range in size from small-sized garden goals through to full-size 24 x 8 goal posts. Straight back nets sit on the top of the crossbar and go straight to the ground to be anchored in.

Straight Back Nets

3) Stadium Box Nets

Stadium box nets are for football goals that have supporting back stanchions in place. Basically these nets will attach from the goal frame to the back stanchion for additional durability. This gives them that aesthetically-pleasing professional ‘box’ look you see in the Premier League, the Champions League and other elite competitions.

Stadium Box Nets


A football nets ‘net grade’ relates to the thickness of the net, with the ‘grade’ typically measured in mm. Net grades range from 1.6mm nets that are ideal for kid’s football goals in gardens, to 5mm nets that are used by elite clubs including Premier League teams up and down the country.

When buying football nets, the general rule is that the thicker the net is, the more durable and hard-wearing it is likely to be. This isn’t the only factor that will determine a nets durability, but you’ll usually find that thinner nets grades are used for children’s goals and thicker nets are favoured for adults' football which sees more powerful shots on goal.


As well as net grades you’ll also need to be aware of football net ‘twine types’. Twine types best describes the way certain nets are manufactured and once again contributes to the overall durability and strength of the net.

Most football nets are manufactured from polypropylene ensuring that they are ultra-durable and weatherproof. This means they won’t falter in any inclement conditions. However, there are also some nets manufactured from HDPE (high-density polyethylene) which provides that extra strength and durability that you would expect from a denser material.

The main examples of twine type are:

  1. Knotted Nets
  2. Braided Nets

1) Knotted Nets

Knotted nets are tied together with the knots in the net forming a pattern, often hexagonal or squared off. These types of nets are the most commonly used football nets with the majority of school, amateur and semi-professional teams favouring knotted football nets.

Knotted Nets

2) Braided Nets

Braided nets are woven together to create football nets that are stronger and more durable than standard knotted netting. These nets are used by elite clubs around the world due to their durability and appearance.

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Whether you are looking to buy a replacement net for a kids garden goal, or you need a full size box net for your Premier League ground, you will need to know the measurements in terms of the width and height of the football goal you require a net for.

In the UK football goals and nets are typically measured in feet. The first number represents the width of the goal and the second represents the height. For example, a full size, 11-a-side football goal is 24ft x 8ft - i.e. 24ft wide and 8ft tall. The width and height of the goals, are measured inside the goalposts i.e. from the inside of both posts for the goal’s width and the the bottom of the crossbar to the floor directly beneath. This is because the width of the actual posts and crossbar can vary between goal designs and manufacturers.

For box goal nets and some standard goal nets, there may also be a 3rd and 4th measurement. If there is a 3rd measurement, this refers to the depth of the net at the top, and the 4th measurement refers to the depth of the net at the bottom. For example, a box net that has the dimensions of 24ft x 8ft x 6ft x 6ft; is 24ft wide, 8ft tall, and has a depth at the top and the bottom of the net of 6ft.

You may also need to know the type/style of net that you require. When purchasing a 24 x 8 replacement net for example, you will need to select whether you require a box, standard or straight back net. The details of these nets are outlined above, under ‘Types of Football Nets’.

If you already have a FORZA goal, we’ve made it easy to find and purchase a replacement net. On our replacement nets page, simply select the type or model of FORZA goal that you have and choose the relevant size from the drop down menu.

If you have a goal that’s made by a different manufacturer, we’ve got you covered too, as we make nets to any size. To buy a custom net simply measure the width and height of your goalposts and make a note of the style of net type that you require (box, straight-back or standard). You can even choose a net that represents your football team’s colours, in one colour or stripes of two colours. You can buy custom-sized nets here.


How big is a full-size football net?

Football nets for full-size football goals are 24ft x 8ft (7.3m x 2.4m). We have a wide range of full-size nets available in different styles/colours. If you require nets to fit other goal sizes we also have plenty of other net sizes to choose from.

How long do football nets last?

The answer to this will depend on various factors including what type of net you buy and how often it gets used but it’s fair to expect goal nets to last for a number of years.

All of our nets are manufactured to be 100% weatherproof and rot proof which helps ensure their longevity.

Can I get a football net to match my team’s colours?

Yes you can! Customised football nets allow clubs to have nets that match their team colours, adding a professional touch to matchdays.

Coloured football nets are available in various designs and colour combinations, and they are priced to make them accessible for clubs at all levels.

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What equipment is needed to put football nets up?

If you’re looking to safely and securely hang football nets there are a variety of different football net accessories you may need. The parts and accessories you require will depend on the type of goal/net you have but examples of commonly used products include net clips, U-pegs and net pegs. These products may be supplied when buying a football goal so we recommend checking what is included with any purchase.

If you have goals, with rounded posts (without any channels or holes), you will typically need standard net clips, goal net ties, or bungee net ties to secure the net to the crossbar and posts.

If you have goals made from materials such as steel or aluminium (including full-size 24 x 8 football goals) you may require more specialist net hanging equipment such as arrow net hooks or push & twist clips. For example, some steel goals have holes in the posts, specifically made for arrow net hooks, whereas posts with channels running down the posts will typically require twist clips.

If you are setting up a football net on a grass football pitch, you’ll also require a set of net pegs. Steel pegs are the most secure and can hold nets firmly in place even on soft grass. Plastic pegs are lightweight and don’t tend to damage mowers if they are accidentally left in the pitch after the net has been taken down.

Other popular products include rubber peg mallets for securing pegs in place, goal net carry bags for storing and transporting nets when not in use and net support posts for stadium box net goals.

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