When it comes to buying netball posts it’s important to ensure that you purchase netball posts that are the correct height. This is especially true if you are looking to buy netball posts for children. If the post is too high, it can prove frustrating and demotivating for a child that doesn’t have the strength and height required to reach the ring with the ball. Ensuring you have regulation-height netball posts also ensures that the skills you learn and build in practice can be directly transferred into a game.

With this in mind we’ve created this guide that covers netball hoop heights as well as other netball post/ring dimensions.

How tall is a netball post?

For all players over the age of 11, the World Netball regulation netball post height is 10ft (3.05m). This is the standard netball hoop height for all high school lessons, and senior club/international matches.

What are the netball goal post heights for juniors?

Children aged 7-9 that are just starting to play netball use an 8ft (2.44m) netball post.

Children aged 9-11 use a 9ft (2.74m) netball post. At this age, children typically play a modified version of netball called “High Five”.

netball posts height by age
Recommended Netball Post Heights
7-9 8ft (2.44m)
9-11 9ft (2.74m)
11 and over 10ft (3.05m)

What are the other dimensions of a netball post including the netball ring size?

  • Netball ring size - the standard diameter of a netball post ring is 380mm (14.97 inches)
  • Netball post thickness - regulation netball poles have a diameter of between 65mm‑100mm. However, many practice & junior posts have a post diameter of 50mm
  • Netball hoop ‘neck’ size - the rod that attaches the ring to the main post and runs parallel to the ground is 150mm (5.91 inches) long
netball post dimensions

Where are netball posts positioned on the court?

A regulation netball court has a width of 15.25m. This width is marked out by the goal lines at each end of the court.

The middle of the netball post’s pole should be positioned exactly in the middle of the goal line, at a distance of 7.625m from both sidelines.

The netball post’s pole should also be positioned, so that the back of the pole, is in line with the back of the goal line.

As regulation netball court markings have a width of 50mm and regulation posts have a pole diameter of 65-100mm, this will be that the post’s pole will overlap the court by an amount of 15-50mm.

Where can I buy netball posts?

At Net World Sports we stock a comprehensive range of freestanding and socketed netball posts to suit all requirements and budgets. From adjustable freestanding posts that are perfect for home use, to more traditional freestanding/socketed steel and aluminium posts that are ideal for schools and clubs, we have options to suit all needs.

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