If you’re purchasing handball goal posts for competitive use, they must comply with International Handball Federation (IHF) goal dimension guidelines. To make it that little bit easier to ensure you’re buying handball goals that are the correct size, we’ve put together an illustrated guide that covers regulation handball goal post sizes in feet and metres.

How big is a regulation handball goal?

As stipulated by the IHF (the sports governing body) handball goals should be 3m (9.84ft) wide, and 2m (6.56ft) high. The goal posts should have a depth of 1m (3.28ft) along the bottom and a top depth of 80cm (2.62ft). These height and width dimensions do not include the thickness of the posts themselves.

The inside diagonals from the bottom corner of a handball goal to the top corner on the opposite side should measure 360.5cm. The IHF allows a 0.5cm tolerance meaning the minimum measurement is 360cm and the maximum measurement is 361cm. The crossbar and posts themselves should have a width/thickness of 8cm.

handball goal dimensions

What are handball goal posts made of?

Regulation handball goals need to be made from a “uniform material”, which can be wood, metal or another synthetic material. Due to its strength, corrosion-resistance and light weight, aluminium is the ideal material for handball goals.

FORZA Alu80 Handball Goals are made from heavy duty aluminium and are used by handball clubs around the world. Ideal for sports halls, leisure centres and other locations that host handball matches, the reinforced square aluminium goalposts foldaway for easy storage.

What colour are handball goals?

Although handball goals are usually red and white, or blue and white, the stripes can actually consist of any two contrasting colours.

The official literature published by the IHF, states that the “...goal posts and the crossbar must be painted in bands of two colours which contrast clearly with each other and with the background.”

The IHF regulations also stipulate that both goals on the court should be the same colour, and that the crossbar should have stripes/colour bands that are 20cm long. The only exception to this spacing is with the top corners of the goal which have 28cm bands of colour.

This means that all regulation handball goals should have 13 stripes/“colour bands” across the crossbar, whilst each post should have 9 colour bands.

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