If you’re looking to buy a table tennis table but aren’t sure what you should be considering in your search our table tennis table buying guide can help. Table tennis tables can vary in features, materials, designs and size so finding the right table isn’t always straight forward, but it’s vital to ensure you can make the most the table and play at your best. Our handy guide below will give you all the information you need to help you to pick the right table for your needs.

Indoors or Outdoors

The initial question to ask yourself is whether you will be playing indoors or outdoors. Both options have their pros and cons so it’s important to weigh up where you plan to use your table. Outdoor tables tend to be slightly more expensive, due the heavy-duty weatherproof materials used to make the table which allows them to sit outside all year round. Indoor tables can provide a more affordable option for players and tend to be portable, providing easy movement and storage. Something to be aware of is that if indoor tables are left outside they can begin to bend, sag or corrode, so if you do decide to take advantage of playing in the sun, you won’t want to leave your table outside for any length of time. When buying a table tennis table it is essential that you allow for 2 metres of space either side of the table to allow for safe movement whilst playing.

Table Tennis Size

The standard measurements for a competition size table tennis table is 152.5cm (5ft) in width, 274cm (9ft) in length and 76cm (2.5ft) in height. The net should be 15.25cm in height and 183cm (6ft) in width, stretching 15.25cm beyond the width of the table on each side. When playing with more than 2 players it is recommended to opt for a bigger table to allow for space when making contact with the ball.

Table Tennis Size

Table Options

If you have plenty of space to leave the table up all-year round a permanent table is a great investment. Not having to set up and pack away the table after each use can save you time and permanent tables also tend to be more stable and long-lasting. If you have less space and feel a more compact table is a better option for your needs we have a selection of impressive options available that can be set up in less than 5 minutes! For solo practice foldaway tables feature a ‘playback’ option which allows users to fold up one half of a table and play without an opponent.


Our premium outdoor table tennis table is regulation size and suitable for players of all abilities looking to get outside and play. Made of the highest specification weather-resistant materials for supreme longevity.



An amazing compact table for those with limited space. With super-fast assembly in under 5 minutes and premium PVC laminated top to provide consistent bouce while playing.



Ideal for schools, offices & home use. Our mini table tennis table is smaller than standard tables as you'd expect and is perfect for those with limited playing space. Bats & balls included.


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Vermont Foldaway Easy-Store Table Tennis Table



Vermont Table Tennis Table [6' x 3']