Looking to build or remark your tennis courts? It can be pretty difficult trying to remember all the different tennis court sizes required for every line and area. That’s why Net World Sports has created a comprehensive, yet simple guide, looking at all the facts and figures required for tennis court dimensions to create a regulation tennis court size exact to the decimal place. For any newbies looking to create a court, we’ve highlighted a few key areas needed when marking:

Tennis court lines labeled
  1. Singles Sideline – this is the outer edge of the court during singles competition.
  2. Baseline – the furthest line back at each end of a tennis court. This is where players will serve from and the line is divided by a centre mark. Standing at the centre will provide maximum coverage for serving and returns.
  3. Doubles Sideline – the outer edge of the tennis court during doubles competition.
  4. The Tennis Net – always down the centre of the court. This can be adjusted using the levers on the tennis post.
  5. Service Box – this is the area the ball must land in when serving. The ball must be served into the opposite service box from the side you are serving from and alternates after each point.
  6. Baseline Centre Mark – this signifies the central point of the baseline. Players serve from either side of this point, placing the ball into the service box the opposite side.

Tennis court size

When creating the lines for your court we always recommend that you use a sports tape measure, so you can get the court dimensions exactly right and as close to perfection as possible. Finish the job with an efficient and reliable tennis court line marking machine to ensure the lines are the correct and consistent thickness.

Tennis court dimensions graphic

Tennis Net Height

The official tennis net height should be 3ft (91.4cm).

Tennis Net Posts Height

1.07m The tennis net post height of your court should be 3.5ft (1.07m).

Length of Court

The length of a tennis court is required to be 23.77m long. This line should be 78ft (23.77m) wide.


The baseline must be 36ft (10.97m) wide between the doubles sidelines. This is divided in half by a centre mark four inches in length and no more than four inches in width running parallel with the sideline.

Distance between singles sideline and doubles sideline

The singles sideline should be 1.37m inside from the doubles sideline. This line should be 4ft 6in (1.37m) wide.

Size of service box

The service box should be 21ft (6.4m) away from the net and 27ft (8.23m) between the singles sideline. The service box should then be divided into half down the middle – 13ft 6 in (4.115m) from the singles sideline to be exact. The lines for the service box should be 2 inches (5cm) wide.


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