Whether you’re looking for something fun to play in the garden, have your very own tennis court at home, run a tennis club or are looking to develop your students further as a PE school teacher, choosing a tennis net will usually come down to quality, specification and price. Vermont by Net World Sports offer a wide range of tennis nets that cover all levels and can be used across a variety of facilities.

Tennis Nets for the Garden

If you’re looking for something quick to assemble, easy to transport and that can perform anywhere, then our Portable Mini Tennis and Badminton Procourt Net is your best option. Available in lengths of 10ft, 20ft and 30ft, this mini tennis net is made to provide hours of fun and can be quickly converted from a tennis net to a badminton net. It’s perfect for youngsters looking to begin their tennis or badminton journey and provides families with sporting fun, all from the comfort of your own garden.

Vermont ProCourt garden tenns net

Tennis Nets for Home Courts

For tennis enthusiasts with their own personal tennis court or coaches and tutors who specialise in one-on-one training, a brilliant and reliable option is the Vermont 2.5mm Singles Tennis Net (33ft). Designed for official single net regulations, this net is ideal for home courts where you can play tennis with family and friends or for training sessions with a personal trainer. This net is a fantastic option to introduce beginners to the sport.

Vermont 2.5mm singles tennis net

Tennis Nets for Sports Centres & Schools

If you’re looking for a quality product that can be bought in bulk at low-cost, our Vermont 2mm Tennis Net (42ft) is a brilliant choice. As the smallest and lightest of the Vermont tennis net range, the undeniable versality of the Vermont 2mm Tennis Net proves size doesn’t matter and is handy to be transported in a quick and efficient manner when required. With so many different people and users at busy places such as school courts and sport centres, it’s essential that you choose a net that is going to withstand the test of time.

Vermont tennis net for sports centres and schools

Tennis Nets for Clubs and LTA Venues

Requiring the best of the best, the Vermont DT Championship net (3.5mm) is our elite net in the Vermont range. Designed by champions, for champions, this net is complete with double top twine making it almost indestructible; capable of withstanding impact whilst looking the part with its premium headband. Choose between a standard headband or the Wimbledon tennis net headband which is treated and upgraded for maximum ultra-white visibility and superior durability.

This tennis net has had its fair share of users, as it’s graced two of the four grand slam tournament venues including Roland Garros and Melbourne Park and been used by legends Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal & Serena Williams

Vermont tennis net for tennis clubs

Tennis Net Essentials

Tennis Net Singles Stick

A brilliant tool to adapt a double court to single court, you’ll be able to convert the tennis net height without the need to change the net altogether. Made in accordance with official ITF court specifications the tennis net singles stick is an essential piece of equipment for clubs and centre’s looking to save time.

Tennis Net Measuring Stick

A simple yet effective product, the tennis net measuring stick allows you to quickly check all the tennis nets around your club, school or professional establishment stand at the official regulation height of 3ft.

Tennis Net Centre Strap

Compatible with any standard regulation tennis net, the tennis net centre strap is a brilliant tool when it comes to adjusting and securing a tennis net’s height. Stylish, practical and professional, the strap clip latches onto most base weights, anchors and pegs and can endure severe weather conditions all year round.


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