If you’re wondering how you can workout at home there are plenty of ways you can effectively exercise and achieve your fitness goals without leaving your house. Whether you’re working out in your front room, garage or in the garden, with the right home workout equipment you can create a versatile, affordable workout space.

Exercise is crucial for maintaining good mental and physical health. Not only will you find your fitness levels increasing but you will also benefit from the many mental boosts exercise can give you including lifting your mood, reducing stress and improving your sleep patterns.

We have a wide range of home exercise equipment to help you keep up your training and stay active whilst at home:

Premium Excercise & Yoga Mat

Perfect for Yogi's who want a lightweight mat to move easily between both their home and the gym. The non - slip material ensures excellent grip on all surfaces, even great for hot yoga classes.

Giant Jenga


Our Metis Hex Dumbbells are equipped to be used even in the toughest workouts. Available in weights ranging from 2.5kg-30kg.



Transform your boring cardio workouts with our versatile mini trampoline. Our trampoline can be used both indoors and outdoors, so perfect when the sun is out to take your workout outdoors.

Home putting mat


Looking to improve your strength and flexibility? Our resistance bands a must have for enhancing your sets and improving efficieny in moves. Vibrant band colours including blue, yellow, red and black.



The perfect piece of equipment for ultimate strength training. Exercise all areas of your body; whether you're looking to focus on upper, lower or core.

Home cricket set

Metis Power Bag

A multi use product helping to develop your core strength, stability, balance and focus. Featuring large padded straps for easy lifting. A must have piece of equipment for MMA, boxing and Crossfit Training.


Metis Training Straps [5-25KG]

Create a high-quality workout space wherever you like with these premium resistance straps. The fully adjustable straps allows you to adapt easily to any exercise.

Home putting mat

Metis Neoprene Kettlebells

Perfect for simple home workouts or as an addition to any home gym. Helps to improve strength, flexibility and co-ordination. Sold in a variety of weights to suit your workout style.