FORTRESS Wooden Cricket Bails


FORTRESS Wooden Cricket Bails

  • FORTRESS Wooden Cricket Bails
  • FORTRESS Wooden Cricket Bails
  • FORTRESS Wooden Cricket Bails
  • FORTRESS Wooden Cricket Bails
  • FORTRESS Wooden Cricket Bails
  • FORTRESS Wooden Cricket Bails
Replacement wooden cricket bails for spring back & match stumps. Available in two styles, Club Grade (Hardwood) or Pro (Ash Wood). Conforming to ICC Regulations. Ideal for cricket clubs, schools & home use. Available in sets of 2.
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Both styles of our FORTRESS Cricket Bails have been expertly designed & constructed to fit both our spring back & in-ground cricket stumps, which allows for full use indoors & outdoors.


Manufactured from the highest quality wood available, both styles are constructed to provide maximum strength & durability. Featuring Harwood & sustainably sourced Ashwood.

ICC Regulations

FORTRESS Wooden Cricket Bails conform to official stumps/bails regulations as set out by the International Cricket Council (ICC) so can be used across all formats of the game.


FORTRESS Club & Pro Cricket Bails – Made with high-quality treated wood

FORTRESS Club Cricket Bails are constructed with high-quality wood, ensuring maximum strength & durability. The treated & processed wood ensures the bails will not mark/scuff upon impact with the cricket ball or the ground. The clubs cricket bails can be used on both our spring back & in-ground stumps, so can be used indoors & outdoors. Bails meet the ICC Regulations on Cricket Stumps/Bails. Available in sets of 2, these are ideal for use in all cricket clubs, schools & home use for all players.

FORTRESS Pro Cricket Bails are produced using the highest quality, sustainably sourced English Ashwood, treated & processed to provide maximum durability & longevity. Pro cricket bails are constructed with the strength to withstand high impact cricket balls continuously without cracking or splintering. FORTRESS Pro Cricket Bails are designed to fit our spring back & in-ground stumps which allows for use indoors & outdoors. Being county-grade, the cricket bails are suitable for professional teams through all brackets of professional cricket. Suitable also for cricket clubs & schools for players of all ages & skill level. Available in sets of 2.

  • FORTRESS Wooden Cricket Bails - Club Grade or County/Pro Grade
  • Constructed with high-quality, treated wood for maximum strength & longevity
  • Conform to Cricket Stumps/Bails regulations set out by the ICC
  • Designed to fit both our spring back and in-ground stumps, for both indoor and outdoor use
  • Suitable for professional teams, cricket clubs, schools & home use

Cricket stumps sold seperately. See essentials.


FORTRESS Wooden Cricket Bails Specifications


  • Regulation Size


  • Club Bails: Treated Harwood
  • Pro Bails: Sustainably sourced Ashwood


  • Available in sets of 2
  • Purchase x2 for a full set
  • Spring Back and Match Stumps
  • Cricket stumps sold seperately

Please Note: Set of 2 suitable for one set of stumps. Purchase x2 for use on a complete set of stumps.

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Based on 1 customer reviews

We bought the Pro bails as replacement ones incase our current ones were to ever break/get lost… turns out we needed them! So far so good… good quality
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