Environmental Policy

Mission statement

As the world’s leading supplier of sports and leisure equipment, we understand that we have a commitment to protect the environment.

We are always striving for continual improvement of our operations and to make sure our fuel, waste, energy and water usage is as effective as it can be. We are committed to recycling, lowering our waste, conserving energy and water and other resources.

We are confident we will achieve Net Zero imminently, as we are already protecting our environment and community through various projects.

What we are going to do

We will continue to monitor all waste produced onsite and take all necessary action to improve recycling methods and ethical disposal of any waste produced.

We are committed to making all packaging sustainable and or recyclable by 2030.

We have plans in place to increase the electric vehicle use in our warehouse operations, as well as installing EV charging points onsite for our employees.

We are exploring options for effective carbon offsetting programs. Our preference is to do this through reforestation projects taking place throughout Wales and the UK. We remain committed to achieve significant carbon offset through reforestation but are awaiting consultations on what is achievable before we put measurable percentage targets in place.

Our commitments

Commitment to Green Dragon status by 2024. This is awarded to organisations that can demonstrate effective environmental management and that are taking action to understand, monitor and control their impacts on the environment.

Commitment to achieve ISO14001 by 2025. ISO14001 maps out internationally recognised criteria for environmental management system frameworks that businesses can work towards to advance of their own environmental targets. ISO14001 is intended for use by a business seeking to manage its environmental responsibilities in a systematic and sustainable way.