FORB Driving Range Golf Practice Mat [5ft x 5ft]


FORB Driving Range Golf Practice Mat [5ft x 5ft]

  • FORB Driving Range Golf Practice Mat [5ft x 5ft]
  • FORB Driving Range Golf Practice Mat [5ft x 5ft]
  • FORB Driving Range Golf Practice Mat [5ft x 5ft]
  • FORB Driving Range Golf Practice Mat [5ft x 5ft]
  • FORB Driving Range Golf Practice Mat [5ft x 5ft]
  • FORB Driving Range Golf Practice Mat [5ft x 5ft]
  • FORB Driving Range Golf Practice Mat [5ft x 5ft]
  • FORB Driving Range Golf Practice Mat [5ft x 5ft]
Ideal for golf clubs & driving ranges, the professional Driving Range Golf Practice Mat will provide elite performance in all conditions. Mat features 30mm artificial grass to recreate professional fairway conditions. Rubber Base and/or Golf Ball Tray available as optional extras.
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Professional Golf Hitting Mat – Fairway Conditions All Year Round

Professional FORB Golf Hitting Mat | All Weather Performance


Manufactured exclusively from premium-grade materials, the FORB Golf Driving Range Practice Mat allows players to practice in all conditions. The 30mm artificial turf offers excellent durability.

Premium Driving Range Golf Mat | Replicates Fairway Characteristics


Expertly designed, this FORB Golf Hitting Mat will replicate fairway-like conditions on a consistent basis. The artificial turf allows the club to glide through the ball for a guaranteed clean contact.

High Capacity Golf Ball Tray Holder | Easily Secure To FORB Golf Hitting Mat


Complete the ultimate golf mat set-up with a heavy-duty rubber base (anti-skid) and/or a rubber golf ball tray holder. The rubber base allows for exceptional stability on all surfaces & features holes for drainage.


FORB Golf Hitting Mat – Driving Range Mat Providing Optimum Conditions

An excellent choice for golf clubs & driving ranges, the professional FORB Golf Hitting Mat allows players to experience perfect playing conditions with every shot. Expertly designed to recreate realistic fairway characteristics, this driving range practice mat will also protect your real turf from divots & give your course greater longevity. Manufactured exclusively using the highest-grade materials available, this FORB practice golf hitting mat can deliver an elite performance in all weather conditions. For the ultimate golf mat package, you can add an anti-skid rubber base  and/or a golf ball tray to your package as optional extras. Recognised by people involved at the top level, top 100 PGA Tour Golf Coaching Professional Jason Davies said: “This is a great quality golf mat, it feels like a tight turf, so it responds like as if you are coming off a really nice fairway. It is soft, the club glides through it, it is a fantastic surface to hit off. It is almost like playing off real grass, that is how close this mat is.”.

  • FORB Driving Range Golf Practice Mat - Recreate professional fairway hitting conditions
  • Golf Hitting Mat measures 5ft x 5ft to give golfers excellent room for full swing motion
  • Surface features 30mm artificial turf to replicate fairway characteristics 
  • Driving Range Mat is weatherproof & will deliver elite performance all year round
  • OPTIONAL EXTRAS: Heavy duty rubber base (anti-skid) &/or Rubber Golf Ball Tray Holder

FORB Driving Range Golf Practice Mat Specifications


  • Golf Hitting Mat: 5ft x 5ft | 1.5m x 1.5m
  • Golf Hitting Mat Thickness: 30mm (without rubber base)
  • Rubber Base (OPTIONAL): 5.1ft x 5.1ft | 1.6m x 1.6m
  • Golf Ball Holder Tray (OPTIONAL): 4ft x 1ft x 0.3ft | 1.2m x 0.3m x 0.1m


  • Golf Mat: 30mm artificial turf – will replicate fairway characteristics
  • Base (OPTIONAL): heavy-duty rubber (anti-skid) with holes for water drainage
  • Golf Ball Tray (OPTIONAL): ultra-durable rubber


  • Driving Range Mat is weatherproof & suitable for year-round use (indoors & outdoors)
  • Anti-Skid Rubber Base & Golf Ball Tray Holder available as OPTIONAL EXTRAS (select above)
  • Please Note: Golf Tees NOT included
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Based on 3 customer reviews

Peter Roberts
After searching online I found these mats and placed an order. The mat arrived the next day and I was impressed with the quality. Would highly recommend to other
Bought a mat and cage for a home setup and it has been great.
Club Treasurer
We ordered two Forb golf mats for the club warm up area and the mats have been fantastic. Members have commented on the quality and feel of the mats and our members aren’t always the easiest to please! I’ve already recommended the mats to other clubs in the area and we’ll be sticking to Forb mats in the future.
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