FORZA Indoor Footballs & Carry Bag [12 Pack] - Size 5

FORZA Indoor Footballs & Carry Bag [12 Pack] - Size 5

  • FORZA Indoor Footballs & Carry Bag [12 Pack] - Size 5
  • FORZA Indoor Footballs & Carry Bag [12 Pack] - Size 5
  • FORZA Indoor Footballs & Carry Bag [12 Pack] - Size 5
  • FORZA Indoor Footballs & Carry Bag [12 Pack] - Size 5
Indoor FORZA Size 5 Football is perfect for all indoor club, school or sports centre matches or training. Hand stitched polynylon panels encases a Super Airtech ball bladder for ideal air retention & ball shape. Pack of 12 indoor footballs with included ball carry bag for easy transportation.

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drawstring mesh carry bag and footballs

Secure Drawstring Closure

Designed with a convenient opening & closing drawstring function, the football carry bag is the ideal football coaching equipment for a quick set-up and clean away in large groups.

official football


Each FORZA football has been manufactured with longevity in mind, thanks to the premium-grade materials every ball retains spherical shape for a consistent performance.

football carry bag set

Football & Bag Set

A variety of footballs can be chosen to suit all ages, abilities & training environments. Durable carry bag is included to comfortably fit footballs when transporting or storing.



The indoor football, fluorescent yellow in colour, is manufactured for professional indoor football training or matches for clubs, sports centres & schools. The Super Airtech ball bladder ensures consistent air retention & ball shape, which is encased in a durable hand stitched polynylon for longevity or consistent daily use. Thanks to the hand stitched nature the elite-level indoor football can be used on 3G, 4G & indoor playing surfaces boasting ultra-durability. The football provides a soft touch for ideal indoor playing conditions & is a full regulation size 5 football for regulates games. Available in packs of 12 with included ball carry bag for easy transportability. We recommend not using the indoor ball in wet or muddy playing conditions & to be hand cleaned if done so.

  • Includes football carry bag for easy transportation & ball storage for the 12 pack of balls
  • Vibrant indoor football colour provides easy visibility in dark/light conditions
  • Footballs are manufactured from a Super Airtech bladder & handstitched polynylon
  • Perfect for indoor club, sport centre or school use but can be used across 3G or 4G pitches
  • Indoor football is a fully regulated size 5 which is ideal for matches & training

PLEASE NOTE- The football carry bag can also be used to transport various other sports balls including basketballs, netballs, Gaelic footballs & rugby balls.


Forza Training Footballs & Carry Bag Specifications

FORZA Icon Pro Match Football

  • Available in size 3 (kids), size 4 (juniors) & size 5 (seniors)
  • Size 3,4 & 5 available in packs of 10
  • Hybrid construction technology for combined power & consistency
  • 6 panel layer with 2500y butyl polyester bladder with pearlized finish
  • Specifically developed groves enhance the aero dynamic performance
  • FIFA tested & FIFA Basic (IMS) Certified
  • Colour: White, black & yellow 

FORZA Training Football

  • Available in size 1, 2, 3 (kids), size 4 (juniors) & size 5 (seniors)
  • Size 1 available in packs of 30
  • Size 2 available in packs of 18
  • Size 3, 4, & 5 available in packs of 12
  • EvoGlide surface for optimum consistency
  • 32 panel durable exterior with a reinforced inner bladder
  • Cushioned foam layer for optimum control
  • Designed to FIFA IMS specifications
  • Colour: Orange with black & blue design

FORZA Pro Futsal Football

  • Size 4 futsal footballs – official regulation size & weight
  • Size 4 available in packs of 12
  • Hybrid-Fusion technology - Dual bonded design for combined power & consistency
  • 32 panel exterior with a foam layer for enhanced control
  • Reinforced & interlaced bladder with core dampener for bounce reduction
  • Designed to FIFA Quality Pro specifications
  • Colour: White with yellow, green & black gradient pattern

FORZA Indoor Football

  • Size 5 indoor footballs – official regulation size & weight
  • Size 5 available in packs of 12
  • Super Airtech bladder with a polynylon material exterior
  • Hand-stitched football for long lasting use & for superior durability
  • Specifically designed for use on indoor surfaces
  • Colour: Fluorescent yellow with a black pattern

FORZA Academy Football

  • Available in size 3 (kids), size 4 (juniors) & size 5 (seniors)
  • Size 4 & 5 available in packs of 12

  • Outer Lining: 0.2mm TPU outer layer for optimum feel and performance

  • Internal Lining: 3.5mm EVA foam & fabric lining for improved feel, bounce & control
  • Bladder: 2500y butyl bladder with polyester winding for better air rendition & shape over time
  • Casing Material: Tear resistant TPU for increased longevity
  • Surface: 3D surface structure with a 6 panel design
  • Colour: White with yellow, cyan, blue, black & grey pattern

FORZA Beach Football

  • Available in size 3 (kids), size 4 (juniors) & size 5 (seniors)
  • Size 3, 4 & 5 available in packs of 12
  • Advanced thermobonded technology offers a true flight
  • 14 panel PU exterior with a high density non-woven backing
  • Inner butyl moulded double sheeted bladder
  • Designed to FIFA Pro standard
  • Colour: Orange with a black & white design

Mesh Carry Bag

  • Constructed using knotted mesh material
  • Maximum capacity to fit 12x size 5 footballs
  • Supplied in black with Net World Sports branding detail
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