Groundsman Divot Repair Fork

Groundsman Divot Repair Fork

  • Stainless Steel Divot Repair Tool
  • Stainless Steel Divot Repair Tool
A premium quality divot repair fork designed with a long handle to reduce bending whilst creating a perfect pitch. Made from a combination of wood and steel, this durable 4ft long repair fork is robust and completely functional.

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A Professional Divot Repair Fork Designed To Repair Any Pitch

Preserve and maintain your sports pitch with this long-handled Groundsman Divot Repair Fork. Designed with professional groundsmen in mind, this is a tried and tested divot tool that eliminates the need to painstakingly bend to achieve the perfect pitch.

Manufactured using reinforced wood and stainless steel, the Groundsman Divot Repair Fork has been built to withstand continuous use and pressure. The stainless-steel prongs of this divot fixer offer protection against rust, meaning that you’ll be able to use it in wet ground without the tool becoming damaged. Designed to ensure minimum soil adhesion, this repair tool is suitable for use in firm and soft ground. As a low maintenance and robust piece of equipment, the divot repair fork is ideal for light cultivation, planting or weeding.

  • An extra-long divot fork with a total length of 124cm to reduce the need to bend
  • Stainless steel tines to protect against rust and corrosion
  • An overall lightweight divot tool produced from strengthened wood and steel
  • A flat top to easily apply heel pressure for you to aim accurately
  • Strong steel tines to be able to carefully repair pitches
  • A 15-year guarantee
  • A highly functional divot repairer designed for professional groundsmen
  • An effective tool that minimises the effort needed to repair sports grounds
  • Ideal for agricultural use (planting/uprooting/weeding)

As a versatile piece of groundsman equipment, this divot fork is suitable for various sports pitches, as well as agricultural purposes. The long wooden handle provides stability and extended reach, whilst the flat heel can be used to easily apply as much pressure as necessary to help you accurately aim the tool. The lengthy handle effectively removes the need to bend and strain, meaning that this fork is effortless to use, which reduces the likelihood of injury.

With a total length of 124cm, the extensive handle of the repair fork ensures that you can easily and quickly restore your pitch to pristine condition. Created using premium quality materials, like strong stainless steel and tapered ash wood, the divot repair tool has been manufactured to a professional standard. As a result of the high-level of craftmanship, this groundsman fork has a 15-year guarantee.



  • Lightweight and durable reinforced ash wood
  • Rust resistant stainless steel


  • Length of 124cm
  • Width of 8cm
  • Depth of 5cm
  • Weight of 0.8kg
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