METIS Locking Barbell Collars [Pair]

METIS Locking Barbell Collars [Pair]

  • METIS Locking Barbell Collars [Pair]
  • METIS Locking Barbell Collars [Pair]
  • METIS Locking Barbell Collars [Pair]
  • METIS Locking Barbell Collars [Pair]
  • METIS Locking Barbell Collars [Pair]
  • METIS Locking Barbell Collars [Pair]
The METIS Barbell Clips offer a convenient & effortless way to secure/release barbell sleeves. The weight clips are supplied as a pair and compatible with 50mm diameter Olympic bar sleeves. Available in standard or pro & packaged as a pair – Compatible with 50mm bar sleeves only.

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barbell clamps


Thanks to the modern clasp design, the barbell locks ensure you with a convenient opening & closing system with rubber inserts for enhanced weightlifting security, preventing any slippage.

gym weight plate collars


Available in 2x options, standard or pro to ensure the barbell weights stay securely on the bar. The standard collars are made using solid nylon plastic & the pro collar are constructed from robust aluminium

barbell clips


The weight barbell clips are ideal for commercial & gym use, which boast a modern design for a seamless look. Packaged as a pair & suited to 50mm (2in) bar sleeves for a reliable fit.


Long-Lasting METIS Barbell Clips – Quick & Easy Locking System

The barbell locking collars are designed for easy opening & closing, providing a hassle-free experience when placing weights onto the barbell. By firmly locking onto the bar sleeve with the help of the rubber insert, these sturdy collars effectively prevent any sliding, ensuring your safety during intense lifting sessions. These collars are specifically designed to be compatible with our METIS Olympic/Hex Bar and other bar sleeves that measure 50mm (2in) in diameter, ensuring a seamless fit. The standard locking collars are made using solid nylon & the pro locking collars are made from durable aluminium. Ideal options for home & commercial gyms.

  • Available in 2x types: Standard Nylon Collars or Pro Aluminium Collars
  • Barbell clips ensures quick & easy barbell security with safety when working out
  • Barbell locking collars can withstand consistent wear & tear for continuous use
  • Best suited to bar sleeves with a 50mm (2in) diameter – packaged as a pair
  • Ideal for quick fitting and removal and replacing lost or damaged barbell weight clips

METIS Locking Barbell Collars Specifications


  • Barbell collar diameter: 50mm | 2in


  • Standard Locking Collar: Manufactured from solid nylon - Features a rubber insert to prevent sliding when locked in place
  • Pro Locking Collar: Manufactured from durable aluminium with a black zinc e-coating & features a rubber insert to prevent sliding when locked in place


  • Quick fitting & removal
  • Supplied as a pair
  • Ideal for replacing spring locking collars
  • PLEASE NOTE: Not compatible with 1in (25mm) bars.
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