Handball Modular Floor Tiles System

Handball Modular Floor Tiles System

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  • Handball Modular Floor Tiles System 2
  • Handball Modular Floor Tiles System 1
  • Handball Modular Floor Tiles System 2
A custom made low maintenance modular floor tiles system available in various UV treated colours. Ideal for indoor and outdoor use due to weatherproof water and ventilation technology. Anti-slip tiles with an optional shock absorption system.

SKU: GE45108


An Expertly Engineered Court Tile System That Safeguards Your Players

Without the correct equipment handball can become a dangerous sport. With the continuous dive and jump shots the risk of skin abrasions is high. Fortunately, the handball modular floor tile system provides the increased protection your team will need against fall and scraps, all while ensuring that they still receive a true and realistic ball bounce. Whether you’re looking to create a completely bespoke court or one that meets standard size specifications, the modular floor system will help you form a professional and luxurious court. To guarantee the best performance from your court tiles, it is recommended that you install them on a hard and flat surface. This ensures that your well laid out modular tiles will not become displaced during the numerous vigorous games of handball.

The combined high performance and innovative engineering of these tiles has produced modular tiles that are superior to alternatives on the market. Designed with weatherproof properties that guarantee years of continued use, these court tiles are ideal for outdoor and indoor use. To ensure that your handball court tiles remain pristine, they have been created with a ventilation and drainage network that quickly filters air and water. As each tile dries quickly after rain, you’ll never have to wait long to return to the court.

  • Additional shock absorption system also available
  • Full installation instructions supplied upon delivery
  • Manufactured from weatherproof and UV treated materials
  • Available in range of colour variations to compliment your teams existing colours
  • A completely bespoke court with a range of additional features like logo branding and added court lines
  • Modular court flooring needs to be correctly positioned on level and hard surface to prevent tile migration. It is ideally installed onto concrete or asphalt
  • Low maintenance modular court tiles that have water drainage and air ventilation capabilities
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • Features an interlocking system for quickly and simple instillation

Customise your modular floor tiles with the extensive range of colours on offer. With logo branding also available, you can create a floor tile system ideal for your handball court. As each tile is UV stabilised and weatherproof, adverse weather will not cause fading, cracking or peeling. These robust tiles also feature an ani-sip floor that safeguards your players while also ensuring that the tiles themselves are shielded from damage. To further protect your players an optional shock absorption system can be added.



  • Handball court dimensions are completely customisable


  • All tiles are UV stablised and weatherproof


  • Available in a range of colours with logo printing
  • Custom court lines can also be added
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • Optional high-quality shock absorption system
  • Tiles utilise an anti-slip design
  • Filters air and water 
  • Must be installed on a flat surface
  • Installation instructions supplied on delivery
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