Harrier Poultry, Chicken & Animal Walk-In Cage


Harrier Poultry, Chicken & Animal Walk-In Cage

  • Harrier Poultry, Chicken & Animal Walk-In Cage
  • Harrier Poultry, Chicken & Animal Walk-In Cage
  • Harrier Poultry, Chicken & Animal Walk-In Cage
  • Harrier Poultry, Chicken & Animal Walk-In Cage
  • Harrier Poultry, Chicken & Animal Walk-In Cage
  • Harrier Poultry, Chicken & Animal Walk-In Cage
  • Harrier Poultry, Chicken & Animal Walk-In Cage
  • Harrier Poultry, Chicken & Animal Walk-In Cage
  • Harrier Poultry, Chicken & Animal Walk-In Cage
  • Harrier Poultry, Chicken & Animal Walk-In Cage
Robust chicken cage for tending to hens or other animals. Rust-resistant weatherproof cage is heavy-duty for essential protection all-year round. Multiple sizes to choose from for various garden sizes. Constructed with 20mm HDPE netting. Available with door kits.
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chicken cages


The modular design ensures users can create multiple poultry cage sizes for many garden sizes. The 2m x 2m can be extended within time to grow the animal cage environment.

metal chicken enclosure


The Harrier Chicken, Walk-In Cage boasts robust spiked bases & steel based plates, which is essential for a reliable & stable structure when placed firmly into the ground.

large poultry cage


The robust door kits allow up to 2x doors to be added across various section of the metal cage for full security. The braced feature prevents sagging whilst the doors boast a latch.



Ideal for housing hens or various other animals, the chicken pen is an outdoor space-saving & organised environment for all outdoor spaces. Thanks to the modular design, the hen cage allows a unique cage with many sizes available for multiple outdoor environments. Easily assembled with minimal tools, the bird animal aviary features uprights which simply push into the ground with the spiked bases. Whilst the poles easily slot in place together with the button locking system for complete stability. Manufactured from all-weather galvanised steel, the walk-in garden cage can last for many years to come when treated with right care. The durable 20mm (0.8in) HDPE netting ensures protection from unwanted pests entering the animal cage for increased safety. Heavy-duty cages can be enhanced with 1x or 2x door kits for further security which reliably lock together.

THE FRAME: The black powder coated steel 1.6mm (0.06in) steel construction is rust & corrosion resistant for complete outdoor use. Spike poles boast strength for reliable outdoor stability.

THE NETTING: Featuring knotted HDPE netting which is UV treated & resistant to rotting, the poultry cage combats outdoor weather during summer. Heavier netting is recommended for winter, which can be found here.

THE CAGE DOOR: With up to 2x cage door kits available, the poultry coop allows doors to be positioned in specific sections for ideal use. The doors allow easy opening & closing mechanism without catching.

THE MODULAR DESIGN: Available in 2m x 2m sections, the parrot cages can be extended over time & created into unique shapes for your ideal garden setting or size. 

PLEASE NOTE: If you require the use of a ladder for installation, always get someone to hold the base of the ladder whilst you are at the top. For more safety information, please click here.


Harrier Poultry, Chicken & Animal Walk-In Cage Specifications

Sizes Available:

  • 2m x 2m | 6.5ft x 6.5ft
  • 2m x 4m | 6.5ft x 13ft
  • 2m x 6m | 6.5ft x 20ft
  • 2m x 8m | 6.5ft x 26ft
  • 4m x 4m | 13ft x 13ft
  • 4m x 6m | 13ft x 20ft
  • 4m x 8m | 13ft x 26ft
  • 6m x 6m | 20ft x 20ft
  • 6m x 8m | 20ft x 26ft
  • 8m x 8m | 26ft x 26ft
  • Standard Cage Size (1x Module): 2m W x 2m L x 2m H | 6.5ft W x 6.5ft L x 6.5ft H


  • Frame: Heavy-duty 25mm OD steel (1.6mm thick) – Increased strength
  • Frame features a galvanised satin black powder-coating – 100% resistant to rust & corrosion
  • Uprights: Spiked base with base plates attached for increased strength & stability
  • Corner Connectors: Welded steel triangular support plates with spring buttons to lock in posts - increases frame strength & stability
  • Netting: 1.2mm knotted HDPE bird netting (20mm mesh)
  • Netting is UV treated for protection against sun damage & 100% rot-proof


  • Modular design allows for poultry cage to extended to any size
  • Poultry cage can be changed into L-Shape design when used with our extender kits (sold separately)
  • POULTRY CAGE DOOR: Can be added anywhere on your cage & is wide enough to fit a wheelbarrow through
  • SPRING BUTTONS -  allow for easy assembly
  • Cable Ties included for easy net hanging
  • Ground pegs included to secure fruit netting to the ground
  • Netting is supplied as fully edged net panels for the sides & roof – you will receive multiple panels
  • We recommend removing your roof netting or replacing it with a larger mesh during the winter months
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Based on 2 customer reviews

Tony C
We have 6 happy chickens that are safe and secure thanks to the cage. Previously had fencing but the chickens kept getting over it so the cage has made life so much easier!
Grace Williams
Me and my husband moved into our current house just under a year ago and the plan was always to keep some chickens. After my husband tried and failed to make a diy cage we opted for the 6m x 6m cage from Net World Sports and it has been brilliant. Delivery was swift and it was easy to put the cage together.
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