Sport Ball SR3800 Radar Speed Gun & Display Kit

Sport Ball SR3800 Radar Speed Gun & Display Kit

  • Sport Ball SR3800 Radar Speed Gun & Display Kit
  • Sport Ball SR3800 Radar Speed Gun & Display Kit
  • Sport Ball SR3800 Radar Speed Gun & Display Kit
  • Sport Ball SR3800 Radar Speed Gun & Display Kit
With long-lasting battery life, the professional sports radar gun and display kit can be used to record ball speed when on the go. Designed to utilise practice sessions more effectively, the hand-held speed gun is ideal for player/athlete development by providing precise and accurate readings.

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The durable Radar Gun & Display Kit allows coaches and players to accurately display ball speed for a precise reading between 5 - 50 hours. Manufactured from a lightweight yet durable design, the speed radar gun has a convenient point and shoot action and continuous mode to quickly record ball trajectory between 10 - 256mph (16 - 402km/h). However, the added LED display can increase readings further for readings between 000 - 999. Having a specific reading for various sports, the accurate speed radar detector has an operating distance of 60ft (18.28m) for ball flight and 1000ft (304.8m) for cars. The unique data port provides easy attachability to the 3-digit LED display unit and laptops, which provides a hands-free LED pop-up screen reading for easier visibility.

  • Provides accurate readings for specific and precise speeds
  • Can be used for a variety of sports such as cricket, football, and auto sports
  • Speed radar has long battery life to be used through lengthy training sessions
  • Unique data port allows data to be saved when combined with a PC/Laptop
  • The added LED display can display further readings between 000 - 999

Net World Sports offers a variety of speed recording equipment. For more, please browse our Cricket Training Equipment category.




  • 1x SR3800 radar gun
  • 1x DL431-R (LED) with three 4in (101.6mm) Digits
  • 1x WA-9VDC adapter
  • 1x 25ft RJ45 cable
  • 1x Hard plastic carry case


  • Radar Gun (W x L x H): 2.3in x 10.3in x 7.1in | 5.8cm x 26.2cm x 18.0cm
  • SR3600 Radar Gun weight: 0.45kg | 1lb


  • SR3800 Radar Gun power: Standard 9V battery operation (2 required)
  • DL431-R power: 9VDC | 350ma
  • Data port and external power jack included
  • Continuous mode battery life: 5 hours
  • Trigger mode battery life: 50 hours
  • Low battery indicator
  • Accuracy of +1mph | +1km/h
  • SR3800 Radar Gun display type: 3-digit LCD
  • DL431-R display type: three-digit 4in (101.6mm) LED


  • SR3800 Speed Gun range: 10mph - 256mph | 16km/h - 411km/h
  • Led display screen range: 000 - 999mph | 000 - 999km/h
  • Speed units: Miles Per Hour (MPH) | Kilometres Per Hour (KM/H)
  • Ball Radar Gun range: 60ft | 18.28m
  • Car Radar Gun range: 1000ft | 304.8m


  • DL431-R features two wall mounted hangers & tripod mount
  • SR3800 Radar Gun provides both trigger and continuous modes
  • SR3800 Radar Gun & DL431-R have tripod mount
  • Audio indicator
  • SR3800 Radar Gun frequency: X-band 10.525Ghz
  • 1-year limited warranty
  • SR3800 can be used with a PC/Laptop (cable & software sold separate)
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