Father's Day Golf Gift Ideas From FORB

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Great Ideas For Father’s Day Golf Gifts

7 Jun , 2017  

Dads, granddads, step-dads and anyone in between; whether they’re an avid golfer, or just enjoy an occasional round, our FORB golf gifts are sure to perfect their putting stroke.

As usual, the final round of this year’s US Open is taking place on Father’s Day (18th June). So, in keeping with the tradition, we’re bringing you the best ideas for Father’s Day golf gifts from our range of golf putting aids to help him practice from home and get that game up to par, all whilst watching the final round action!


Father's Day Golf Gift Home Golf Putting Mat

FORB Home Putting Mat

Ideal for beginners and keen golfers looking to practise their putting strokes at home, this roll-out, 9ft long Putting Mat features an accurate artificial putting green surface that will allow your Dad to test his aim from a variety of angles and distances. He’ll develop shot firmness and accuracy skills too by putting into 3 holes with a raised incline for that realistic challenge, guaranteed to improve his finishing game on the course.

Grab your own Home Putting Mat here – and if you think the golfer in your life is a true pro, why not challenge them even more with our 13ft long Professional Putting Mats!



Dual Speed Putting Practise Mat for Fathers Day Golf Gift IdeasFORB Dual Speed Putting Trainer

This bit of kit is a really fun piece of golf training equipment! At 10ft long and with two different putting speeds, this putting training mat is designed to help improve Dad’s putting in a variety of situations – he can take it anywhere; home, garden or in the office.

Each side has different sized holes for a varied challenge and a slight incline to replicate the slopes of a real-life green. The white line on the fast side makes it easier to line putts up and secure the shot, whilst the ball return system sends the ball back to you whether you get in it the hole or miss.



Golf Putting Practice Machine Fathers Day Golf Gift

FORB Putt Returner with Auto Return

Your Daddy-o can use this clever putting machine to practise from a range of angles on any flat surface – with putting mats, on carpet, even out in the garden. It’s completely portable too, with battery power and a compact size to help work on those putting skills anywhere.

The automatic return mechanism fires the ball back to the player, but only if they’re skilled enough to get the ball right in the middle of the cup!

Pretty light on the price too if you’re hunting for an inexpensive Father’s Day golf gift, get this Putt Returner here.


Father's Day Golf Gift FORB F-3 Practice Golf Balls

Golf Balls

You can’t get your putting up to scratch without plenty of golf balls to practice with – and we’ve got the best new golf balls for you!

First of all there’s the FORB F-3 Practice Golf Balls, which are an ideal golf ball for mid to high handicappers to work on their game in back garden or down at the driving range.

Giving great distance, durability and direction this 12 pack of new golf balls have even been tested by PGA golf coach pro Jason Davies who said: “The FORB F-3 is a great budget ball. It’s a 3 layered golf ball that responds really nicely around the greens and will give you distance off the tee as well. It’s more a mid to
high handicap ball, so if you lose one it won’t hit
your wallet too hard
”– pretty nifty right?!


Fathers Day Golf Gift FORB F-5 Tour Golf Balls

But if you’re a real golfing guru then maybe the FORB F-5 Tour Quality Golf Balls would be more suitable – these tour-quality new golf balls are designed to give players who live and breathe golf unrivalled comfort, distance and control.

Our favourite pro PGA coach also put these balls to the test and commented: “the FORB F-5 responds really nicely off the club face around the green, gives me a nice spin control, but also gives a nice maximum distance so it doesn’t sacrifice that area. It’s an exciting ball to compete against the top balls on the market” – so they’d make the ideal partner for the golf hitting nets or training mats.

Any of these pro-style putting aids would be the perfect prezzie for any golf fan come Father’s Day, plus our golfing range doesn’t stop there! Check out the entire FORB golf equipment range on the Net World Sports website for even more golf gift ideas.

But if you’re still not sure what to go for watch our interview with PGA professional coach Jason Davies and hear his thoughts on the FORB golf balls and hitting mats.

Once Dad’s fallen in love with your present we’d love to see his happy face on the big day – 18th June remember! Share your Father’s Day golf gift pictures via our Twitter and Facebook pages to make the golf fan in your life Net World Sports famous!

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