Regardless of what level you play cricket at, it’s important to get a bat that’s the correct size. It can prove frustrating and hinder technical development if a cricket bat is the wrong size and weight.

Playing with a cricket bat which is not the optimal size, can also limit your performance as a batter in competitive matches, making it less enjoyable. Eliminate any potential disappointment, and make sure you pick the correct size cricket bat with our cricket bat size guide charts below.

Cricket Bat Size Chart

cricket bat size chart

cricket bat size Table

The table below outlines the recommended cricket bat sizes in cm and inches based on the batter's height, as well as approximate age:

Cricket Bat Size Guide
Bat Size Length of Bat (inches) Length of Bat (cm) Height of Batter Approximate age
1 26.5in 67.3cm Up to 4ft 3in 4-5years
2 27.5in 69.9cm 4ft 3in - 4ft 6in 6-7 years
3 28.5in 72.4cm 4ft 6in - 4ft 8in 7-9 years
4 29.5in 74.9cm 4ft 8in - 4ft 11in 9-11 years
5 30.5in 77.5cm 4ft 11in - 5ft 2in 10-12 years
6 31.5in 80.0cm 5ft 2in - 5ft 5in 11-13 years
HARROW 32.5in 82.6cm 5ft 5in - 5ft 9in 13-15 years
SHORT HANDLE 33.5in 85.1cm 5ft 9in + 15 years +

Now that you have all the relevant information you need about cricket bats thanks to our cricket bat sizing guide you can browse the FORTRESS range of bats and pick the ideal size and design for you or your child.

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