At all levels of cricket, it is important to buy a cricket helmet that is the correct size. The right fit will enable you to perform at your best whilst having full protection against severe head injuries and concussions.

As per the Safety Measures for Helmets within Recreational Cricket from the England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB), it is mandatory for players under 18 years old to wear helmets when batting and wicket-keeping against a hard ball in matches or practice sessions.

This guidance also strongly recommends that players over 18 years old also wear a helmet that is certified to BS 7928:2013 safety standards, when batting, wicket-keeping or fielding within eight yards of the batter.

This guide has been produced to show you how to measure your head for a cricket helmet, determine what size helmet you need, explain how the helmet should fit and clarify how often a helmet needs replacing.

How to measure your head for a cricket helmet

Using a measuring tape, wrap it around the head from the forehead (1-2 fingers above the eyebrow) to the widest part of the back of the head. Take a measurement three times and use the largest of the readings.

See image below to help. Once you have measured your head, you can use the size chart within the image below to see what size cricket helmet you need:

how to measure head for cricket helmet

How should a cricket helmet fit?

The helmet should fit comfortably on your head and shouldn’t move when you wobble your head round. You should be looking through the gap between the peak of the helmet and the grill. The grill should cover the whole of the lower part of your face, chin, jaw and sensitive areas of the neck close to the jaw.

how a cricket helmet should fit

How often should a cricket helmet be replaced?

It’s typically recommended for a grassroots cricketer to replace their helmet every 3-5 years. However, this will need replacing sooner if the helmet is used frequently or is showing signs of wear or structural damage after an impact. If you are unsure on the extent of the damage, then replace the helmet.

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