It’s essential that the correct football ball size is chosen to ensure the best playing experience for all ages, allowing players to develop at a safe, gradual rate whilst minimising the risk of injury. That’s why Net World Sports has developed a chart in line with the FA guidelines to show you which football size you should get. Check out the football ball size chart below to see which size football your club or school should be playing with.

Football size guide

The FA guidelines for youth football recommend the following ball sizes for each age group below:

Football ball size chart

On June 1st 2020, the English FA updated its guidelines in regards to the recommended sizes for footballs used by youth players. The updated recommendation is now that players in Under 10 teams use size 3 footballs, instead of the previously suggested size 4 footballs.

In Wales, Scotland and Ireland, the recommended size football for players aged 9 and 10 remains a size 4.

At Net World Sports we have a great selection of kid’s footballs and adult footballs. With training, match, garden and futsal balls available in a range of sizes, we have something to suit all requirements.