Rugby posts are H-shaped goal posts that are positioned at either end of a rugby pitch. The posts face each other typically 94m to 100m apart at either end of the field, positioned centrally with just the in goal area extending beyond them on a pitch.

Used when kicking conversions, penalties and drop-goals, rugby posts are an essential piece of equipment for clubs, schools and universities.

As with other sports, there are set dimensions for both rugby union and league goal posts which is why we’ve put this guide together that outlines the regulation height, width and overall dimensions for rugby posts.

Rugby Union Posts

How high are rugby union posts?

In rugby union, senior rugby posts have to be a minimum of 3.4m high (11.15ft) although they are typically a lot taller than that! Rugby union posts at senior level tend to be between 13m (42.65ft) and 17m (55.77ft) high. At top club level and in international rugby union goal posts are usually 17m (55.77ft) in height.

The horizontal crossbar that runs parallel to the ground is 3.0m (9.84ft) above the ground at the top edge.

How wide are rugby union posts?

Rugby union posts are 5.6m (18.37ft) apart. Including the width of the posts, rugby union posts have a total width of 5.62m (18.44ft).

rugby union post height

How many points does a team get for a successful kick in rugby union?

  • Penalty - 3 points
  • Conversion - 2 points
  • Drop goal - 3 points

Rugby League Posts

How high are rugby league posts?

In rugby league, to meet regulations, the posts have to be a minimum height of 15m (49.2ft), however many of the top league clubs opt for posts that are 17m (55.77ft) tall. As with union, the horizontal crossbar is 3.0m (9.84ft) above the ground.

How wide are rugby league posts?

The vertical Rugby League posts are positioned 5.5m (18.04ft) apart. With the diameter of the posts included, Rugby League posts have a total width of 5.52m (18.11ft).

rugby league post height

How many points does a team get for a successful kick in rugby league?

  • Penalty - 2 points
  • Conversion - 2 points
  • Drop goal - 1 points

What size are kids’ rugby posts?

Rugby pitches are smaller in kids’ rugby and kicking is not allowed until they are 12 or older. Whilst kicking a loose ball is allowed at under 13s, it’s not until players reach the under 14 age bracket that they can kick from their hands in open play. Penalty kicks and conversion kicks are also not included in youth rugby union, until the under 14 age group.

At the under 14 level, players will normally use senior-sized goal posts. However, younger players will often practice kicks and kicking so that they can quickly adapt to the rules when kicks are permitted.

FORZA supplies a range of children's combination rugby & football goalposts in a range of heights and widths. Ideal for practising kicks and shots for a range of sports including rugby, association football and Gaelic football, the reinforced uPVC goals are available in sizes from 8ft x 5ft (2.44m x 152m) up to 12ft (3.66m) x 6ft (1.83m). Whilst FORZA galvanised steel combination goals are available in sizes from 8ft x 5ft (2.44m x 152m) up to 15ft x 7ft (4.57m x 2.13m).

Other Rugby Post FAQs

Why are rugby posts so high?

Having taller rugby posts makes it much easier for Referees/Assistant Referees to judge whether or not a ball has passed between the posts from a conversion, penalty or drop goal. For conversions and penalties the Assistant Referees will raise their flags when the ball has passed directly over the crossbar and the kick is successful. For drop goals the referee will raise one arm vertically and blow their whistle if a drop goal attempt is successful.

Are rugby posts wider than football?

At the senior level, regulation 11-a-side football posts are 7.32m (24ft) wide. The width between the posts in rugby is a maximum of 5.6m (18.37ft), meaning football posts are 1.72m (5.64ft) wider.

What are rugby posts made of?

Rugby posts are usually made from aluminium or galvanised steel. Aluminium rugby goal posts are normally used at the top level. Aluminium is 100% weather and rustproof. Aluminium posts are also lighter, and therefore easy to move and install.

FORZA World Cup Hinged Rugby Posts are world-class premium grade rugby posts used by top international teams and clubs. Available in heights from 13.5m to 17m, the aluminium goals feature 140mm aluminium bottom uprights and 130mm top uprights. Alu80 Hinged Rugby Posts are available in three sizes - 8m, 10m and 13m. Manufactured using 3mm thick aluminium, they are light, strong and incredibly durable. Both the World Cup and Alu80 Hinged Rugby Posts are available with post lifting tools, to make installation easier.

Where can I buy rugby posts?

At Net World Sports we sell a comprehensive range of rugby posts including garden rugby posts, combination uPVC, steel and aluminium posts. We also supply rugby posts to top-level clubs and international teams, in addition to post accessories including rugby post protectors and ground sockets.

As well as posts and post accessories we also have a great range of rugby balls, training equipment, tackle bags, field equipment and matchday supplies so you’ll find everything you need for your club or school at Net World Sports.

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